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Welcome centre your guide to nabtrade
Whether you’re a first time investor or a seasoned trader, knowing how to best use nabtrade can help set you up for success.

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Account set up - The 4 key things you need to do to get your account ready for trading.  Learn about our platforms - Find out how to access the nabtrade platform at home and on the go.
Ready to trade - Learn how to trade, add cash and activate your international account. Education and insights - For all your investing education and inspiration.


Account set up

Once you've logged into nabtrade for the first time, get your account set up and personalised based on your preferences. For information about which browsers are compatible with nabtrade, visit our browser specifications page.

To do:

Check whether you have any outstanding actions on your account: Login > Admin > Administration. This may include finalising your verification or completing any transfers of shares to your new nabtrade account. Further information on the different types of outstanding actions, what they mean and what you need to do are detailed on our FAQs page.


Customise your site experience by selecting a default login page:  Admin > Settings > Preferred start page. You can also set a default tab for the quote page by searching for a security ‘e.g. CSL’ > then clicking on the desired tab ‘Market depth’ > Set default tab.


Get your dividends automatically credited to your nabtrade Cash Account: Login > Holdings > Set dividend crediting


If you’ve got multiple accounts you can add nicknames for easer identification by logging into nabtrade > Admin >  Nicknames.


Learn about our platforms

With nabtrade you can access your portfolio and trade anywhere, anytime. There are three ways to access nabtrade:



IRESS Viewpoint

Our most feature rich experience, with the full range of investment tools, videos and insights. Use m.nabtrade to check your positions, access company research and trade on the go.  nabtrade’s active trader platform featuring sophisticated tools and the ability to fully customise your experience.


> Find out more about m.nabtrade

> Find out more about IRESS ViewPoint

> Visit the IRESS YouTube channel

Want more tools?

To learn more about how nabtrade can help you monitor the market, visit our Platform & tools page. Here you'll also find information on how you can access nabtrade from your mobile.

You can also view all our demo videos on our Demo Library.


Ready to trade and transact

Now that you're familiar with the platform, here are a few tips to help you with your first trade.

How to place an order

Adding cash to your account

You can add cash from NAB and non-NAB accounts - watch our videos for more information.

International trading

Once your account is setup for international trading you can access over 10,000 equities with nabtrade.

Build on what you know

Learn more tricks of the trade at nabtrade Academy.

Develop your investing skills with expert training and education, free for nabtrade clients.

  • Learn at your own pace with a wide range of practical topics
  • Modules structured from beginner to advanced
  • Dynamic, interactive experiences
  • Assessments to test your knowledge




Investing education

Education can play an important role in shaping your portfolio, so we've put together some articles and videos to help boost your confidence. For more education, please visit the Investing Edcucation section on our Insights page.

The basics of building a portfolio

When investing, it’s just as important to focus on asset allocation as well as individual stocks.

Learn more

Understanding Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis provides investors with the means to understand how a company is performing and how it might perform in the future.

Learn more

Using Technical Analysis

Technical analysts use charts and other tools to identify patterns to try and predict price direction.

Learn more

Questions to ask yourself before hitting 'BUY'

Spending 2 minutes on this 5-point final checklist before your next purchase could save you a fortune.

Learn more

How to create your own financial plan

InvestSMART Chairman Paul Clitheroe discusses the steps investors can take to set themselves up for financial success.

Watch the video

How to build a resilient long term portfolio

Building a portfolio doesn’t have to be an arduous task. Graham Hand lays out four simple rules and illustrative examples for how you can get started.

Learn more

News and insights

Each week we publish investing news and insights from Australia and around the world. Articles and videos are updated daily, so be sure to check in regularly to our Insights page. 

See our latest articles below.

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Support and Forms

Search our FAQs, download forms and view our Terms and Conditions.


Demos & tutorials

Access our range of demo videos to help you get the most out of the nabtrade platform.

Demo Library

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