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How to add cash from nab

Start by logging into your nabtrade account.


Step One: Log into nabtrade using your User ID and Password.

Make sure you also have your four-character trading PIN on hand before you begin.

Step Two: Click on Funds Transfer.

Click on the Funds Transfer button from the quick links menu at the top of the page.

Step Three: Select the NAB account you want to transfer money from.

In the pop-up window, click on the drop-down From account and select from your eligible NAB bank accounts.

If you’re NAB accounts aren’t linked to your nabtrade account, call us on 13 13 80 and we can link them for you.

Step Four: Select the account you want to transfer money to.

Next, click on the drop-down beside, To account and select the nabtrade Cash Account you want to transfer the money into.

Step Five: Complete the mandatory information.

Once you’ve selected the To and From account complete all the mandatory information including the Amount, Transfer date, Remitter name and Description.

Then click Next.

Step Six: Check all details are correct.

On the Review screen, check all the details are correct, and then click Next.

Step Seven: Enter your trading PIN.

To finalise the transfer, enter your trading PIN and click Confirm.

Please note transfers from your linked NAB accounts into your nabtrade Cash Account will only occur in real-time if you perform the transfer from within nabtrade platform.

For more help on transferring money, visit Support.

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