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Education centre

Here you can find a range of articles to help you learn about investing.

Learn about investment strategy

Getting the basics right is important – below you can find information about investing strategies from how to create your financial plan to understanding how to analyse a company through fundamental analysis.

Piggy Bank

How to create a financial plan

Creating a financial plan helps you put in writing the grand vision of how much money you need to live your life the way you want, and identify what you need to do in order to get there.



The basics of building a portfolio

Running your own investment portfolio means you set your investment strategy, select the appropriate asset class mix, and choose the individual investments that will deliver your desired investment outcomes.


How to build a resilient portfolio

For many investors, developing an investment strategy, implementing it and then sticking to it can be a challenging exercise.


5 financial stages in everyone’s life

We go through stages in our lives. Sometimes it’s useful to look at how our psychology changes as we move from one stage to another. This article describes five financial stages, looking at minimum, successful and exceptional standards.


Fundamental analysis whitepaper

Fundamental analysis provides investors with the means to understand how a company is performing and how it might perform in the future.

Bar Chart

Technical analysis whitepaper

Technical analysts use charts and other tools to identify patterns to try and predict price direction.


nabtrade Demo Library

Our Demo Library is home to all the demo videos and tutorials you need to get trading with nabtrade.

nabtrade investor stories

Meet some of our investors and see how they've used nabtrade to achieve their investing goals.

Meet Sam - Frequent trader

One of our traders, Sam, takes us through why he uses the nabtrade platform for all his investment needs and tells us about his experience with our client services team.

Meet David - SMSF investor

One of our investors, David, discusses how he uses nabtrade to help manage his SMSF and why he enjoys online trading.

Meet Rastin - Gen Z investor

One of our investors, Rastin, outlines how he puts learning into practice with nabtrade and what he enjoys about our platform.

Meet Mithun - Gen Z investor

Gen Z investor, Mithun shares how his interest in trading was sparked and gives his three top-tips for investing on the stock market.