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Fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis provides investors with the means to understand how a company is performing and how it might perform in the future. 

Three key measures used in Fundamental analysis

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Earnings per share

Earnings per share is the proportion of a company's profit allocated to each outstanding share. Earnings per share can be an indicator of a company's profitability.


Dividend yield

Dividend yield indicates how much a company pays out in dividends each year relative to its current share price. It can help you compare the yield with other similar companies or investment opportunities..

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Debt ratio

Debt ratio can be used to indicate how much of a company’s assets are financed by debt..


  • Allows investors to understand key information before making a decision.
  • Investors can look at the contributing factors to assess a company for current and future value and growth.


  • Fundamental analysis does not take into consideration qualitative metrics.
  • Understanding complex company data can be time consuming.

Things to consider

Qualitative factors – also known as the “human judgement” component of fundamental analysis – also form a key part of the process.

Other factors to keep in mind when researching a company include:

  • The business model of the company
  • Management expertise
  • Competitive advantage
  • Industry growth and structure
  • Market share

Fundamental analysis and nabtrade

nabtrade provides a powerful set of tools, data and research recommendations to help investors conduct fundamental analysis research. Visit Platform & Tools to find out more.

Investors can use reports to understand what research providers think of a particular company, how they came to that view and various other data points. You can find research reports on each security page.