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A fortnightly podcast designed to help you build, manage and protect your wealth.

Episode 93 - Is retail dead? What a downturn could mean for your shares

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Australian retailers are currently recording some of their worst trading conditions on record, but are these challenges cyclical or structural? In other words, is the pain inflicted on your portfolio likely to be temporary, or permanent?

Episode 92 - What I've learned - from a share investing podcaster

Duration 28:05 minutes | File Size  26.7 MB | Listen 

Episode 91 - Finding diamonds: why the ASX still offers value

Duration 25:19  minutes | File Size 24.1 MB | Listen 

Episode 90 - What the ATO wants you to know

Duration 47:28 minutes | File Size 90.3 MB | Listen 

Episode 89 - Reporting season and what it bodes for the Australian economy

Duration 36:53 minutes | File Size  70.2 MB | Listen 


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