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Your Wealth

A fortnightly podcast designed to help you build, manage and protect your wealth.

Episode 99 - Moats: Understanding Warren Buffett’s key criteria for investment

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When searching for businesses that can generate excess returns on a sustainable basis, the concept of a moat can be invaluable. How wide is the barrier between you and your competitors, and can it be maintained?

Episode 98 - Tax and your investments - how to manage your tax affairs

Duration 34:42 minutes | File Size 66 MB | Listen 

Episode 97 - How to build a portfolio from scratch

Duration 34:42 minutes | File Size  103.2 MB | Listen 

Episode 96 - A new decade and what it means for your portfolio

Duration 54:14 minutes | File Size 82.3 MB | Listen 

Episode 95 - Equities for income - the best of both worlds?

Duration 25:19  minutes | File Size 24.1 MB | Listen 


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