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Your Wealth

A weekly podcast designed to help you build, manage and protect your wealth.

Episode 87 - Scams: How to avoid losing your money to increasingly sophisticated scammers

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We all know someone who has fallen victim to a scam – a phone call purporting to be from Telstra, a link supposedly from your bank, PayPal or the ATO. The world of scamming has become increasingly and terrifyingly sophisticated, and you’re at risk.

Episode 86 - How to make money from credit despite lower rates

Duration 1:05:36 minutes | File Size 118 MB | Listen 

Episode 85 - How to run an SMSF - According to the ATO

Duration 38:53 minutes | File Size  70.5 MB | Listen 

Episode 84 - Trade wars and the potential impact on the Australian economy

Duration 42:49 minutes | File Size  78.3 MB | Listen 

Episode 83 - Zero interest rates - Investing in a world where rates are lower for longer

Duration 43:09  minutes | File Size 78.3 MB | Listen 


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Events & webinars

What is ASX CEO Connect?

ASX CEO Connect, proudly sponsored by nabtrade, is an exciting initiative that gives retail investors direct access to the management of listed companies.

The events feature presentations and Q&A sessions with executives from selected companies. Come join like-minded investors and learn more about a diverse range of selected ASX-listed companies. 

The next ASX CEO Connect is on 30 October 2018. Follow the link below for more details and to register (it's free).

ASX CEO connect

A partnership with ASX, giving you direct access to CEOs of emerging Australian companies. 

Codan Limited - Donald McGurk


Donald McGurk, Chief Executive Officer of Codan, discusses how the company’s suite of technology solutions and how they help save lives.

BINGO Industries - Daniel Tartak


Daniel Tartak, Managing Director and CEO of ASX-listed recycling and waste management business BINGO Industries, discusses the company’s vision - “pushing for a waste-free Australia”.

Blackmores - Richard Henfrey


The Chief Executive Officer of Blackmores, Richard Henfrey, explains how the company makes its vitamins, the opportunities he sees for growth and his favourite supplements.