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1. First time login

The first time you login to the nabtrade mobile app you will be required to register the device. To do this you simply enter a temporary passcode which will be sent to you via SMS. Once your device is registered, you can create 4 digit passcode and activate Face ID and Touch ID for quick login.

Screen 1

2. Portfolio

Portfolio snapshot

The default Portfolio page shows you a quick summary of your nabtrade portfolio (for a single legal entity) across domestic and international holdings and cash. You can also see the day's percentage change and gain/loss for the day at a portfolio level, and also by domestic and international holdings.

Mobile Screen 2
Mobile Screen 3

Swipe right to see more table headings including:

Mobile Screen 4

Swipe right to see more table headings including:

Mobile Screen 5
Mobile Screen 6

3. Trade

To place an order tap on the 'Trade' button on the bottom menu. You can also use the red and green buy and sell buttons at the bottom of a quote page.

Mobile Screen 7

4. Conditional orders

A conditional order is an order that automatically gets placed in the market when it meets a given condition.

Mobile Screen 8

5. Quote


Mobile Screen 9
Mobile Screen 10

Market depth

The first tab you'll see is the market depth - which shows the number of open buy and sell orders for the security.

Mobile Screen 11

You can also tap to see a security's chart, details, dividends and news.

By swiping right you can also see:

Mobile Screen 12

6. Transferring cash

Mobile Screen 13
Mobile Screen 14

7. Dark mode

You can customise your in app experience with the dark mode feature, giving you the option to choose a light or dark background based on your preference. 

Mobile App Guide Dark Theme

8. Advanced charting

Fully interactive charting experience with customisable time frames, chart types and technical overlays.

Mobile App Guide Charting