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The US markets shift to T+1 settlement and the FX PDS update both take effect on Tuesday 28th May 2024.

How do I set up my account for trading international shares?

There are two steps to setting up an International Trading account, Open and Activate.

Open an International Trading Account

New nabtrade accounts

As well as a domestic trading account, all new nabtrade profiles will be established with an international trading account, which will be activated once the international trading eligibility criteria has been met. This international trading account will remain inactive until you have provided us with the necessary verification documentation.

Existing nabtrade accounts

To add an international trading account to an existing profile, go to Admin > Personal Details and in the account details section select Add Trading Account. Follow the prompts to open the international account. You will need your Trading PIN to finalise the account.

HELPFUL HINT: Should the account have more than one applicant, all other applicants will need to log into their own nabtrade account, navigate to Admin > Personal details and complete the outstanding action. You will need your trading PIN to complete the account opening process, and you will also need to provide us with the necessary verification documentation to activate your international trading account.


Activate an International Trading Account

Before we can activate your international account, we need to verify some information from you in order to meet our global tax obligations.

Outlined below are the documents you need to provide depending on your account type.

Individual and Joint accounts

To activate your international account, you will need to provide a copy of your Australian Passport or Drivers license. To do this log into your nabtrade account and go to Admin > Permissions > Trading Account – International > Activate and follow the prompts. 

For joint accounts, both account holders are required to log into their nabtrade account and upload their identification documents. 

Company, Organisation, SMSF and Trust accounts

To activate international share trading, please provide the Tax File Number or ABN for the account along with the completed US Withholding Tax Treaty Statement. This form must be completed by the primary account holder.  You can find this form, and other important information, on our Global Tax Information page. Alternatively, this form can also be found once logged into nabtrade under Support > Forms.

The form and details can be emailed back to

Tax File Number 

Please ensure your Tax File Number (TFN) is held by nabtrade for you and any other account holders, as this is a requirement for international trading. You can check this by logging into your nabtrade account and going to Admin > Personal Details. If your TFN is not held, please enter it online by clicking Edit.

For security and privacy purposes, please do not email us your TFN.