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nabtrade presents Your EOY Essentials
As 2018 draws to a close, now’s the time to take stock of lessons from the year and set your portfolio for success in 2019.

Your Wealth

A weekly podcast designed to help you build, manage and protect your wealth.

Episode 54 - A frank discussion about the ALP dividend proposals

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Some investors have sold off parts of their portfolio and changed their asset allocation under the assumption that the Opposition’s policy proposals have been implemented.  However, this is not the case and frankly, any announcements could take a while to reach implementation.

Episode 53 - Healthcare in focus

Duration 30:35 minutes | File Size 55.4MB | Listen 

Episode 52 - Why indexing works - and when it doesn't

Duration 35:15 minutes | File Size 47.5 MB | Listen 

Episode 51 - To hedge or not to hedge? That is the question.

Duration 23:51 minutes | File Size 21.7 MB | Listen 

Episode 50 - What Savvy are Buying

Duration 53:56 minutes | File Size 48.9 MB | Listen 

Events & webinars

What is ASX CEO Connect?

ASX CEO Connect, proudly sponsored by nabtrade, is an exciting initiative that gives retail investors direct access to the management of listed companies.

The events feature presentations and Q&A sessions with executives from selected companies. Come join like-minded investors and learn more about a diverse range of selected ASX-listed companies. 

The next ASX CEO Connect is on 30 October 2018. Follow the link below for more details and to register (it's free).

ASX CEO connect

A partnership with ASX, giving you direct access to CEOs of emerging Australian companies. 

FAR - Catherine Norman


“No guts no glory”. Managing Director of FAR, Catherine Norman, shares her business mantra and discusses why the company is a potentially high return, high risk play for oil investors.

Medibank Private - Craig Drummond


CEO of Medibank, Craig Drummond, discusses what differentiates Medibank from competitors and the company’s strategy to change the healthcare system to reduce treatment costs.

HUB24 - Andrew Alcock


Managing Director of HUB24, Andrew Alcock, outlines the company’s business model and its focussed strategy to create a leading financial services technology platform for advisers and their clients.