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Episode 138: Virologist and fund manager’s view of global healthcare opportunities

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Despite the pandemic, the healthcare sector both domestically and internationally has actually underperformed many others, as non-Covid related treatments have been postponed or cancelled. So does the sector offer opportunities for the forward thinking, or will the changing nature of Covid keep undermining a ‘return to normal’?

Episode 137 - Will looming inflation end the bull market?

Duration 33:04 minutes | File Size 31 MB | Listen 

Episode 136 -Start the new financial year off right

Duration 53:49  minutes | File Size 39 MB | Listen 

Episode 135 - A disruptive worth sporting

Duration 31:04 minutes | File Size  52.5 MB | Listen 

Episode 134 - Adventures in Bubbleville – finfluencers, Reddit and other market madness

Duration 37:17 minutes | File Size  36.5 MB | Listen 


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