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Your Wealth

A fortnightly podcast designed to help you build, manage and protect your wealth.

Episode 110: Don’t fight the Fed - why shares keep rising in a troubled economy

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Ever wondered why shares keep rising despite an increasingly troubled economic outlook? What do expressions like ‘don’t fight the Fed’ and ‘brrrr’ mean?

Episode 109 - Pre 30 June strategies to save tax and build wealth

Duration 46:24 minutes | File Size  44.1 MB | Listen 

Episode 108 - Capital raisings and opportunities outside the ASX 100

Duration 27:06 minutes | File Size 33.2 MB | Listen 

Episode 107 - Dividends, franking and the new normal - a 40% decline?

Duration 31:52  minutes | File Size 30.3 MB | Listen 

Episode 106 - Emerging markets - mega cities and technology leadership in the Covid19 era

Duration 42:27 minutes | File Size 40.5 MB | Listen 


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