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Your Wealth

A weekly podcast designed to help you build, manage and protect your wealth.

Episode 28 - What did you do during the GFC, Daddy? Warning signs and lessons for investors

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The collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008 is often seen as the catalyst for the Global Financial Crisis, which wiped trillions of dollars from global markets and shook confidence in financial systems across the world. According to veteran investor and commentator Graham Hand, the GFC actually started a year earlier in the global credit markets, but the equity markets ignored it. With hindsight, everyone had the chance to exit shares at elevated prices with plenty of notice, as the credit markets were screaming for all to see, in every part of the world.

Episode 27 - Borrowing to Invest 101

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Episode 26 - Pre 30 June Strategies to Boost Your Wealth

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Episode 25 - The Impacts of Rising Bond Yields

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Episode 24 - Buy, Sell and Hold with Morningstar’s Adam Fleck

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Events & webinars

What is ASX CEO Connect?

ASX CEO Connect, proudly sponsored by nabtrade, is an exciting initiative that gives retail investors direct access to the management of listed companies.

The events feature presentations and Q&A sessions with executives from selected companies. Come join like-minded investors and learn more about a diverse range of selected ASX-listed companies. 

The next ASX CEO Connect is on 30 October 2018. Follow the link below for more details and to register (it's free).

ASX CEO connect

A partnership with ASX, giving you direct access to CEOs of emerging Australian companies. 

Bank of Queensland - Jon Sutton

CEO of Bank of Queensland, Jon Sutton, explains how the bank differs from its competitors and how their focus on niche businesses will drive long-term shareholder value.

WPP AUNZ - Mike Connaghan

Mike Connaghan, CEO of WPP AUNZ shares how the company's diverse portfolio of marketing and communications companies is creating value for their clients through using strategies like 'WPP Team Models'.

G8 Education - Gary Carroll

G8 Education's CEO, Gary Carroll tells us how the company are creating the foundations for the future generation and explains the importance of effective management in their centres.