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A fortnightly podcast designed to help you build, manage and protect your wealth.

Episode 103 - Surviving a downturn with David Koch

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Kochie has been a business journalist – and a business owner – covering economics and business for more than four decades. He’s seen – and survived - the Global Financial Crisis, the tech wreck, 1987’s Black Monday, the Asian Financial Crises and even the Gold Crisis of the late 1970s. So what can he tell us about how to survive as an investor and/or as a business owner about how to manage the coming weeks and months?




Episode 102 - A virologist and portfolio manager talks COVID19, healthcare stocks and what the future holds

Duration 44:27 minutes | File Size 41.7 MB | Listen 

Episode 101 - Is this it? End of bull market or buying opportunity?

Duration 43:06 minutes | File Size  40.1 MB | Listen 

Episode 100 - What I learned - how Peter Switzer became a finance expert

Duration 1:03:02 minutes | File Size 43.2 MB | Listen 

Episode 99 - Moats: Understanding Warren Buffet's key criteria for investment

Duration 25:03  minutes | File Size 24.1 MB | Listen 


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