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nabtrade has a great range of tools to help you find your next investment opportunity.

ASX Dynamic Data

Access real-time streaming data for all ASX‑listed securities - no need to click to refresh and no delays.


Global Scanner

The nabtrade Global Scanner tool helps you find investment ideas that match your investment criteria, on both domestic and international stocks.

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nabtrade IRESS Trader

nabtrade IRESS Trader is an active trading platform offering real time streaming data and customisable screens to put you in control of your trading.

nabtrade IRESS Trader is linked to your nabtrade accounts, allowing you to place orders (including conditional orders such as stop-loss), view your portfolio and more.

To subscribe to nabtrade IRESS Trader login into your account and go to Admin > Settings > Additional Subscriptions.




nabtrade provides a broad range of alerts and notifications to keep you up to date with all your online trading needs.

Select from an extensive range of alerts, including:

  • Movements in share trading prices
  • Volume of shares traded
  • Index price levels
  • Technical analysis parameters, such as Simple Moving Averages
  • Company announcements to the ASX
  • Changes in research ratings
  • Changes or events within your portfolio.