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Please be advised that there is a global technology incident impacting NAB and other companies which is preventing clients from being able to place orders. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.


We're investing in you

In response to feedback from our customers, we continuously make updates to improve our platform.

What we're working on


'Market orders' for international shares

We're working on 'market orders' for international trades. 


Insights on mobile

We’re working on making our insights content relevant to your portfolio.

nabtrade mobile app new features

We've released new features in direct response to feedback from investors like you.

Now you can customise the display order of the menu items along with the primary landing tab you see when you first log into the app.

The app is now optimised for iPad and tablet devices so you can manage your investments anywhere, anytime.

Plus, we've now added our podcasts, videos and articles so you can stay informed while you're on the go. 


Nabtrade Mobile App Screens

What we've delivered

Company quote and research tab enhancements

We’ve updated the company quote page with changes made to the overview and research tabs.

These Overview tab changes have been designed to help answer some key questions about a company and how it is performing.

The Research Tab changes have been enhanced to help you better understand the different types of research available, what the key research indicators are and why they are important.

Learn more about the quote page and research enhancements

Company overview summary

nabtrade Academy & Education centre

You told us you wanted more education. So, we've launched nabtrade Academy: a new online learning tool free for nabtrade clients.

For more information, and to get started, visit nabtrade Academy

And we know education is critical to making informed investment decisions. That’s why we’ve created an education centre where you can find a range of articles covering the very basics about the share market right through to investment strategies and information about specific product types.

Learn more in our Education Centre

Welcome centre

We've introduced a 'welcome centre' which comes complete with a library of new demo videos and articles to help you get the most out of the nabtrade platform.

Explore the Welcome Centre

Transaction report enhancement

Our transaction report can now be downloaded in a PDF format to help consolidate your end of financial year transactional information. This report can be generated over your chosen time period (such as last financial year). You can use this report to view:

  • trades
  • interest earned on nabtrade accounts
  • dividend payments (made into the nabtrade cash account)*
  • mFund and ETF distributions (made into the nabtrade cash account)*
  • brokerage and market fees

Learn more about our transaction report enhancements

* Some remitters, such as a few REITs, ETFs and mFunds, classify their payments as interest, and therefore, their payments do not appear in the transaction report.

Woman Laptop

Platform enhancements

Navigation changes

We've modernised the look of our navigation to make it easier for you to find the content you’re looking for.

While the core navigation (total wealth, trading, insight centre, cash and admin) remains the same, we’ve updated some of our language and included useful links to FAQs, forms, the demo library and the pricing page.


Stay up to date with changes in your portfolio with our new range of free email or SMS alerts.

Find out more about auto-alerts

Estimated Dividend Calendar

Based on your feedback we’ve introduced a calendar to help you forecast your future dividend income.

Learn more about the dividend calendar