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Finding your

Tax time information

Download a PDF transaction report

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This report can be generated over your chosen time period (such as last financial year). You can use this report to view:

  • trades
  • interest earned on nabtrade accounts
  • dividend payments (made into the nabtrade cash account)
  • mFund and ETF distributions (made into the nabtrade cash account) *
  • brokerage and market fees

* Some remitters, such as a few REITs, ETFs and mFunds, classify their payments as interest, and therefore, their payments do not appear in the transaction report.

Accessing the report

To access nabtrade’s transactional reporting simply:

Step 1

Log into nabtrade

Step 2

Click on 'Reports' from the Total Wealth drop-down menu

Reports Dropdown

Step 3

Select 'Transaction Report' from report type

Select Report Type

Step 4

You can change the date range however the most recent tax year will be the default

Report Parameters

Important information

While we endeavour to provide you with a complete view of your holdings and transactions, this report is intended to be a summary document only. It is not to be used as a replacement for documentation that is required for taxation purposes. Therefore, you should refer to your confirmation notes, bank account statements, CHESS statements, and dividend statements for tax purposes.

Domestic dividends displayed are only a representation of the identifiable dividend transactions that were credited to your Cash Account, it should not be considered a replacement for your own records. Please consult both your dividend statement and the share registries to obtain further information.

International dividend and cash adjustment information is sourced from your Cash Account. It contains the transaction amount in Australian Dollars, withholding tax deducted (in foreign currency), and the foreign exchange rate used for the conversion. Please refer to your accountant to determine tax treatment of these items. Please see Global Tax for information regarding global tax. Please also note that the payment date of the international dividend or adjustment might not match the date that the dividend was deposited to the cash account.

The foreign exchange rate used for international dividends and cash adjustments is based on the date the dividend or cash adjustment was processed and deposited into your cash account. International holdings AUD valuations are based on a NAB sourced spot rate for the day the holding is being valued. 

It should be noted that this report includes all invoices charged against the account, including those that are unpaid. Fees may be reversed or written off from time to time depending on circumstances. Please use your nabtrade cash account statements to reconcile these transactions.

Market prices for equities, ETFs and mFunds will quote the end of day closing price. 

Warrants and ETO's may not use the last traded price where a valuation is available and the instrument has not traded recently. Please consult with your accountant or tax agent to determine whether the valuation contained is appropriate for your circumstances.

Please note that the close prices can take up to 12 hours post market close to be reflected in the report, therefore please ensure you select an applicable date range accordingly. 

This report does not contain holdings or transactions related to NAB Equity Lending.

All information is believed to be correct at the time of generation, however NAB and its subsidiaries do not accept liability for any errors or omissions in this summary except to the extent required by law. 

Glossary of terms

Unit: A tradeable parcel in a given security, derivative or instrument.

Price: The purchase price of a security, in the native currency of exchange, exclusive of fees and charges.

Brokerage: The fee or charge that is paid by you upon executing a buy or sell order.

Net Dividend: The amount of the dividend after withholding tax and/or franking credits have been deducted.

Portfolio Movements: Portfolio movements can include, but are not limited to: adjustments, security code changes, expired derivatives, reconstructions, rights issues,delistings, and new issues. 

Transfer In: Transfers of securities onto the nabtrade platform.

Transfer Out: Transfers of securities off the nabtrade platform.

FX Rate: Foreign exchange rate used at the time of the transaction.

Foreign Trading Fees: Foreign fees can include, but are not limited to: SEC fees, stamp duty, transaction levies and international trading fees.

Other Trading Fees: Other trading fees can include, but are not limited to: printing and posting of contract notes, exercise fees, and assignment fees.

Region: The region that the securities are traded on. Regions include: FSE – Frankfurt Stock Exchange, LSE – London Stock Exchange, HKSE – Hong Kong Stock Exchange, US – American Stock Exchanges, AUS – Australian Securities Exchanges.

Exchange: An exchange is a marketplace in which securities, derivatives and other financial instruments are traded.

Market Price: The closing price of the security. For warrants and ETO's, the price indicated is the valuation of the warrant.

Multiplier: A multiplier is used with option contracts to determine the value of the position. 

Market Value: Market value of a holding at the end of the financial year. Calculated by multiplying units by quantity, and by a multiplier if the security is an option. 

Exchange Currency: The currency that is native to the exchange. FSE – Euro, LSE – Pound Sterling, HKSE – Hong Kong Dollar, US – US Dollar, AUS – Australian Dollar.

Fees & Charges: Fees & charges can include, but are not limited to: off market transfer fees, brokerage adjustments, IRESS trader fees, rounding adjustments, SRN queries, bank audit fees, research subscription fees and service level fees.

Miscellaneous Adjustments: Miscellaneous adjustments can include, but are not limited to: reversals of subscription fees (write-offs), offers, compensation payments, and brokerage reimbursement.

The nabtrade service (nabtrade) is provided by WealthHub Securities Limited ABN 83 089 718 249, AFSL No. 230704 (WealthHub Securities). WealthHub Securities is a Market Participant under the ASIC Market Integrity Rules and a wholly owned subsidiary of National Australia Bank Limited ABN 12 004 044 937, AFSL No. 230686 (NAB). NAB doesn’t guarantee its subsidiaries’ obligations or performance, or the products or services its subsidiaries offer. © National Australia Bank Limited

nabtrade is not a registered tax agent and the information provided in this document does not constitute tax advice.