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How to use Markets Today

When you first log into nabtrade you’ll arrive at the default Markets Today page.

This page provides you with a snap shot, in real-time, of what’s happening in the current market.

1.     Latest news and articles

This section provides you with the latest news and articles from Australia and around the world.

2.     Market status indicator

At pre-open or before the market opens, you’ll be able to see a futures quote in the top panel.

This panel will also let you know what markets are open.

3.     Australian & Global indices

These tabs show the performance of the Australian & Global Indices.

Hover over the analysis link for a daily overview of the All Ordinaries performance for that day.

4.     Sectors Heat map

Below, you can find a heat map by each sector. Green shows sectors performing well and red shows what is not performing well.

This map can be expanded by clicking on expanded heat map.

5.     Market snapshot

Further down the page, you can find a list of top 20 stocks. By default, this list shows top percentage rises however, you can select from other categories to filter the list based on your preference.

6.     Recent rating changes

Below that, is a snapshot of recent changes in ratings from our research providers.

For more help using nabtrade platform features, visit Support.


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