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A podcast series designed to help you create, build, and grow your wealth.
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Episode 138: Virologist and fund manager’s view of global healthcare opportunities

Duration 33:14 | File Size 31.9 MB

Despite the pandemic, the healthcare sector both domestically and internationally has actually underperformed many others, as non-Covid related treatments have been postponed or cancelled. So does the sector offer opportunities for the forward thinking, or will the changing nature of Covid keep undermining a ‘return to normal’?

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Episode 137: Will looming inflation end the bull market?

Duration 52:08 | File Size 50.1 MB

Talk of rising inflation has been threatening to knock share markets off their record highs, but many investors have no real experience of a high inflation environment. Is it really a big deal, and should investors be positioning for a downturn?

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Episode 136: Start the new financial year off right

Duration 53:48 | File Size 57.8 MB

The start of a new financial year brings new tax and super rules, and an opportunity to reset your goals and investment portfolio. So how do you make the most of this time, to ensure you’re set for next 30 June, and the years ahead?

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Episode 135: A disruptive innovation worth sporting

Duration 31:04 | File Size 29.8 MB

Often the greatest growth is in areas that are accessible and tangible to everyone such as the rise in tech. However, an area with a more niche demographic that shouldn’t be overlooked is e-sports - professional competitive video gaming.  

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Episode 134: Adventures in Bubbleville – finfluencers, Reddit and other market madness

Duration 37:18 | File Size 35 MB

Morningstar’s Mark LaMonica describes himself as a ‘lonely bear in a bull market’ – despite having most of his wealth in equities. With decades of experience analysing markets and equities, he’s seeing signs of a bubble – or bubbles – everywhere. So what does an investor need to look out for?

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Episode 133: Resources in focus: the outlook for iron awe, lithium and more

Duration 54:50 | File Size 49 MB

Pundits are talking about the potential for a commodities ‘supercycle’, with iron ore and other commodities prices soaring to record levels. Yet the International Energy Agency has called for no new oil, gas or coal projects to achieve net zero by 2050. So how should investors approach materials and energy?

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Episode 132 -  The reopening trade is over – or is it?

Duration 40:59 | File Size 39.9 MB

With recent lockdowns in Perth and horrifying infection rates in India, Covid’s impact is still being felt in Australia and around the world. Many popular reopening trade stocks are at or above their pre-Covid highs, so is now time to take profits or look for further bargains?

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Episode 131 -  Global tech – bubble or opportunity?

Duration 44:31 | File Size 47.8 MB

With the S&P500 and the Nasdaq at record highs, investors are increasingly nervous about the valuations of global technology stocks. Can the ride continue or is it time for caution in the growth engine of the stock market?

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Episode 130 -  Wealth and wellbeing - how much money will really bring happiness?

Duration 47:77 | File Size 45.8 MB

The research into well-being and its causes has often avoided the topic of finance - yet we all know that money, or the lack of it, can have a material impact on our happiness.

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Episode 129 -  Picking the next big thing in a ‘winner takes all’ world

Duration 37:17 | File Size 39 MB

It’s one thing to be searching for the next Afterpay, but the next Amazon or Google presents an even greater opportunity. So what differentiates a company that has the potential to dominate its market?

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Episode 128 -  Small cap opportunities as the world reopens

Duration 41:14 | File Size 39.9 MB

Investors looking for growth potential often find their best opportunities outside the ASX100. With many stocks and sectors overvalued, and others crunched by Covid, how do you find the next big thing?

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Episode 127 -  Aussie dollar highs – 2021 currency outlook

Duration 43:09 | File Size 41.4 MB

NAB Markets’ Ray Attrill has a strong track record forecasting the Australian dollar, US dollar and more. With rates at record lows, quantitative easing, and a global reopening on the horizon, what’s in store for the world’s major currencies?

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