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A podcast series designed to help you create, build, and grow your wealth.
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Episode 161: How to play a global equities sell off

Duration 32:35 | File Size 29.8 MB

With the S&P500 in firm bear market territory, investors are getting worried. Is it time to buy, and if so, what should you be looking out for?

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Episode 160: Why the market suddenly cares if a company makes money again

Duration 33:30 | File Size 30.6 MB

After years of ‘valuing’ businesses on sales, total addressable market and other blue sky metrics, the market is suddenly getting very serious about… profits. So should investors rethink their holdings in this new (old) world?

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Episode 159: Remember the tech wreck? This is worse

Duration 48:38 | File Size 39 MB

In the early 2000s, the tech-heavy Nasdaq index lost almost 77% of its value – and didn’t make another new high for 15 years. Today’s behemoths like Amazon were caught up in the sell off, and took two decades to recover. Is the recent sell off in global equities going to repeat history?

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Episode 158: The rate hiking cycle has started – Shane Oliver tells us what’s next

Duration 42:20 | File Size 39 MB

Interest rates have been low and falling for over a decade. Rising inflation has forced the RBA to raise rates two years earlier than expected, and the implications are huge.

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Episode 157: How to take an optimistic view – why equities investors need to look to the future

Duration 39:38 | File Size 36 MB

In a cycle where negative events are almost biblical in their proportion (floods and plagues), it’s hard to keep the upside in mind. But as Gaurav Sodhi of the Intelligent Investor tells it, you need to look for the opportunity in challenging times.

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Episode 156: The wall of worry – what to do with your money

Duration 40:36 | File Size 37 MB

Roger Montgomery joined this podcast last year and shared three reasons why he was bullish on this market. As rates rise, inflationary pressures build, and the war in Ukraine continues, has his view changed?

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Episode 155: Henry Jennings on how to play this market

Duration 50:04 | File Size 45 MB

Persistently high inflation, decade high oil prices and the threat of rising interest rates are making investors nervous. But what if we’ve seen all these factors before, and it’s possible to imagine who might win and lose in the coming year?

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Episode 154: Is the commodities boom here to stay? 

Duration 39:29 | File Size 36 MB

Supply chain pressures and war in Ukraine have driven commodity prices to record levels, from oil and gas to nickel and copper, as well as gold and iron ore at multi year highs. The ASX200 is a resource-heavy index, but you may be underweight. So are higher prices – and higher demand – here to stay?

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Episode 153: Global tech – is now the time to buy?

Duration 35:22 | File Size 32 MB

Some of the world’s biggest tech stocks are down more than 50% from their highs, as investors question paying eye-watering multiples in a rising interest rate environment. So is this a time to buy, or stay well away?

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Episode 152: How high rates can go, and what it means for your portfolio

Duration 41:38 | File Size 31 MB

Talk of rising interest rates is making markets jumpy. But how high are rates expected to go, how quickly, and what are the likely impacts?

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