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With a range of products and asset classes to choose from, you can create a portfolio that’s right for you.

Borrow to invest Nab margin lending

With an integrated NAB Margin Loan you can borrow to invest in a broad range of options including ASX-listed securities, international equities and managed funds. 

Enjoy competitive rates when you apply for a NAB Margin Loan through nabtrade.


Introducing our welcome centre

your guide to using nabtrade

Doing your research

There are many different ways investors and traders alike research the companies they invest in.

We’ve explored two approaches – Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis, but it’s important to note that there isn’t one approach that suits all investors. 


Understanding Fundamental Analysis

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Using Technical Analysis

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Funding your investments

There are two ways to fund your investments:

Add cash to your account

Every nabtrade account comes with a linked cash account.

Cash management

Borrow to invest

A NAB Margin Loan gives you the power to borrow to invest.

Margin lending

Next steps Get started with nabtrade

Every new nabtrade customer receives:

  • A domestic trading account
  • An international trading account
  • An integrated cash account

Additional service options include:

  • nabtrade High Interest Account
  • nabtrade IRESS Trader/ViewPoint
  • NAB investment lending solutions
  • Self Managed Super Fund setup and management services

Get started today

1. Apply online - Complete our online application form - you can select from an Individual, Joint, Company or SMSF/Trust account.

2. Add cash to your account - watch the tutorial.

3. Start trading