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Episode 87 - Scams: How to avoid losing your money to increasingly sophisticated scammers

Duration 47:20 | File Size 86.7 MB

We all know someone who has fallen victim to a scam – a phone call purporting to be from Telstra, a link supposedly from your bank, PayPal or the ATO. The world of scamming has become increasingly and terrifyingly sophisticated, and you’re at risk.

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Episode 86 - How to make money from credit despite lower rates

Duration 1:04:05 | File Size 118 MB

Chris Joye, AFR columnist and portfolio manager at Coolabah Capital, is a prolific and thought-provoking commentator on economic and credit topics; he also runs a number of credit strategies which are unlike the traditional buy-and-hold fixed income strategies most retail investors are generally familiar with. So is this area of credit for you, and how do you make room for it in a traditional portfolio?

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Episode 85 - How to run an SMSF - According to the ATO

Duration 38:30 | File Size 70.5 MB

Given its powers, it’s generally a good idea to understand the ATO’s views on how to manage your affairs – and comply with them. Thankfully with SMSFs, it’s not that hard, so long as you keep up to date.

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Episode 84 - Trade wars and the potential impact on the Australian economy

Duration 42:49 | File Size 19.8 MB

Markets around the world have been rocked by Trump’s tariffs and concerns about Chinese retaliation. But how much does this really have to do with Australia? When two of our biggest trading partners start limiting trade, are we likely to win or lose?

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Episode 83 - Zero interest rates - Investing in a world where rates are lower for longer

Duration 46:33 | File Size 84.4 MB

Australian official interest rates are now at 1%, and markets predict them to go lower. While this is a first for Australia, other developed countries have lived with zero or even negative interest rates for a decade now (much longer in the case of Japan). So how can investors respond to this environment?

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Episode 82 - The psychology of investing – Quality decision making for traders

Duration 46:33 | File Size 84.4 MB

Despite the numbers and the headlines, markets are simply comprised of individual buyers and sellers making decisions about where to place their money. The choice to buy or sell a stock can be as much an emotional one as a rational one, and the ability to manage our feelings can greatly improve our financial outcomes.

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Episode 81 - A world gone mad: Any price for growth?

Duration 53:20 | File Size 97.7 MB

While Australia’s tech darlings have achieved spectacular share price growth, the global tech behemoths continue to dominate markets. These ‘growth’ companies are trading on eye watering multiples in many cases, while less glamorous companies languish on valuations well below their long run averages. The divergence in valuation between growth and value stocks has not been this great since 1999.

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Episode 80 - Boring is Beautiful – A high conviction Australian equity portfolio

Duration 48:41 | File Size 88.3 MB

After years of adulation for high growth sectors such as technology, many investors holding old faithfuls such as Telstra often wonder whether the market will ever reward their patience. In a market where growth is good, how do we invest for the long term?

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Episode 79 - Investing for the future – How investment managers are planning for tomorrow

Duration 39:37 | File Size 74.8 MB

Disruption has affected most industries and fortunes are made and lost where investors are most able to position themselves for trends and themes that shape our world. This year’s Kanga conference hosts a line-up of professionals who are thinking about investing in the future.

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Episode 78 - Getting started in the Aussie share market

Duration 43:08 | File Size 78.2 MB

Many investors are reluctant to enter the share market despite higher potential returns than other assets due to
their lack of knowledge and experience. If you’re one of them, you’re probably asking yourself: where to start, how
much money is needed and what to buy.

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Episode 77 - How to invest your next dollar

Duration 27:27 | File Size 49.8 MB

Whether you rolled over your super fund or have excess cash available, the big question is: how to invest your next dollar? The question is especially pertinent for investors who experienced poor returns from assets they had little knowledge of during the global financial crisis.

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Episode 76 - Lithium, nickel, iron ore and more: Resources and the lure of the West

Duration 26:47 | File Size 48.6 MB

While the resources boom that saved Australia from the GFC may have subsided, there is no question that global demand for Australian resources will continue. Trends can be tricky though; those who joined the lithium bandwagon have experienced a wild ride.

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