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Episode 32 - Diversification - are you doing it right?

Duration 27:55 | File Size 25.30 MB

Most investors understand the principle that diversification reduces risk and potentially improves returns in a well-constructed investment portfolio. Yet when the whole of Australia represents approximately 2.5% of the MSCI World Index (according to MSCI data as at June 2018), are they really getting access to the opportunities they’re looking for?

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Episode 31 - The case for small and mid-cap companies for growth

Duration 27:21 | File Size 38:06 MB

Small and mid-cap companies are often overlooked by investors, as the information available to assist with investment decisions, can often be harder to find when compared with those companies in the ASX top 50. Yet many small and mid-cap stocks offer long-term growth opportunities that may exceed the mature investments that dominate investor portfolios.

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Episode 30 - Tariffs, Tapering and Tax Cuts – Investing in Interesting Times

Duration 26:08 | File Size 26:08 MB

US markets have rallied strongly in recent years, shrugging off concerns about over-valuation and stretched fundamentals. The US economy is showing strong signs of growth also, buoyed by a decade-long period of low interest rates, huge tax cuts and Trump’s protectionist policy announcements. So are all lights turning green? Or will tapering and tariffs present headwinds that clash with tailwinds from Republican fiscal policy?

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Episode 29 - Top stocks for FY19 with Paul Rickard

27:53 | File Size 26.36 MB

Investors have generally been rewarded for holding – and sticking with – growth stocks throughout FY18, with the ASX delivering another year of strong portfolio returns. Many valuations look stretched, however, and headwinds are facing many popular stocks and sectors.

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Episode 28 - What did you do during the GFC? Warning signs and lessons for investors

29:43 | File Size 27.88 MB

The collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008 is often seen as the catalyst for the Global Financial Crisis, which wiped trillions of dollars from global markets and shook confidence in financial systems across the world. According to veteran investor and commentator Graham Hand, the GFC actually started a year earlier in the global credit markets, but the equity markets ignored it. With hindsight, everyone had the chance to exit shares at elevated prices with plenty of notice, as the credit markets were screaming for all to see, in every part of the world.

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Episode 27 - Borrowing to Invest 101

Duration 39:58 | File Size 56.18 MB

End of financial year is a common time for people to think about gearing – the potential deductibility of a year’s worth of interest cost can reduce your tax while borrowing to invest can boost your returns. This strategy is not without risk, however, and understanding the implications of both the strategy and the structures you use is critical.

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Episode 26 - Pre 30 June Strategies to Boost Your Wealth

Duration 28:13 | File Size 53.05 MB

The end of the financial year offers an ideal opportunity to review your financial position, and to take advantage of tax concessions and strategies that are offered to help you grow and protect your wealth. This year offers significant new benefits for many investors, as well as pitfalls to avoid, so the time to prepare is now

This podcast provides a general overview only and should be consumed in conjunction with the article 9 strategies for make the most of 2018.

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Episode 25 - The Impacts of Rising Bond Yields

Duration 35:13 minutes | File Size 66.00 MB

With a decade of record-low interest rates, retail investors have previously steered away from the bond market and have focused their capital on equity markets. Now that the Federal Reserve has announced a rise in rates, should we be worried? Considering the current level of global household debt, a small rise in rates could have a dramatic impact on the Australian and global economies. 

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Episode 24 - Buy, Sell and Hold with Morningstar’s Adam Fleck

Duration 35:39 minutes | File Size 50.08 MB

A great company in a great market doesn’t always present a great investment opportunity; the value of a stock is often determined by how much you pay for it. As Morningstar’s equity expert Adam Fleck explains, valuations can vary dramatically with sentiment, market movements and changes in sector and company fundamentals.

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Episode 23 - How to Help Your Kids own their First Home 

Duration 38:51 minutes | File Size 36.51 MB

With capital city house prices having doubled in the last five years, many parents despair of their children ever being able to afford their first home, and wonder if they should be reaching into their own pockets to help. According to Digital Finance Analytics, the ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ is providing up to $85,000 each to nearly 56% of first home buyers, and most of those buyers are already in their thirties1.

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Episode 22 - Federal Budget 2018 – Opportunities and Considerations

Duration 17:50 minutes | File Size 16.75 MB

Treasurer Scott Morrison’s third budget features personal tax cuts as one of the Government’s core measures. Gemma Dale, discusses the key takeaways from the Budget announcement and specifically takes a deep dive into the proposed changes to the taxation, superannuation and pension systems.

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Episode 21 - Market Threats and Opportunities with Jack Lowenstein

Duration 27:16 minutes | File Size 38.34 MB

What do French trams, the Bank of Internet and a Pakinstani cement company have in common? They’ve all found their way into the global equity portfolios managed by Morphic Asset Management’s Jack Lowenstein. Morphic’s portfolios are global, ethically screened and allow for shorting, representing an expansive view of the world’s current investment opportunities.

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Episode 20 - What’s ahead for the Australian property market

Duration 27:20 minutes | File Size 38.45 MB

After five years of unprecedented growth in house prices in some of Australia’s largest cities, many investors are more exposed to residential property values than ever before. Others who may be looking to buy a first home or investment property are hopeful price growth has moderated.

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Episode 19 - How to Create Your Own Financial Plan with Paul Clitheroe – Part 2

Duration 19:45 minutes | File Size 36.1 MB

In part 1 of this must-listen podcast, renowned finance expert Paul Clitheroe, Chair of InvestSmart and the Government’s Financial Literacy Board, outlined the critical steps for creating your own financial plan – and achieving your goal of financial independence.

In part 2 of this two part series, Paul goes further to explain some of the critical concepts of building wealth.

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Episode 18 - How to Create Your Own Financial Plan with Paul Clitheroe – Part 1

Duration 25:30 minutes | File Size 47.83 MB

Most Australians know that a good financial plan will set them up for the life they dream of, but are nervous about seeking advice from a financial planner. Renowned finance expert Paul Clitheroe, Chair of InvestSmart and the Government’s Financial Literacy Board, is passionate about helping all Australians reach their financial goals – the smart way.

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Episode 17 - Don't Let Tariffs Trump Your Portfolio

Duration 36:45 minutes | File Size 34.48 MB

The U.S. argues that trade barriers are warranted in order to reduce its deficits against its trading partners as well as to protect American jobs and intellectual property. However, the risk is that as other countries retaliate against tariffs, there could be unintended consequences for various industries and workers and global growth is impacted.

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Episode 16 - Top 5 Mistakes with SMSF Borrowing

Duration 23:21 minutes | File Size 21.96 MB

For many SMSF experts, the number one question they get from prospective and current SMSF trustees is ‘Can I use my super to borrow to buy property?’ The legislation governing SMSF borrowing is complex and fraught with pitfalls for the unwary investor, and yet there is plenty of potential to use this strategy to grow your retirement savings.

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Episode 15 - Currency outlook for 2018 – how the dollar could affect your portfolio

Duration 29:35 minutes | File Size 27.1 MB

The Australian dollar is renowned as a volatile currency, having traded as high as $US1.10 and as low as $US0.49 over the last two decades. Over the last two years, however, it has traded in a relatively narrow range – is this lulling investors into a false sense of security?

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Episode 14 - Going global in 2018

Duration 24:01 minutes | File Size 22.39 MB

Australian listed companies represent approximately only 2% of world share market capitalisation according to MSCI and many great investment opportunities, particularly in sectors such as technology and pharmaceuticals, are available only in markets such as the US and Europe. As a result, Australian investors are increasingly looking offshore to diversify and grow their portfolios.

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Episode 13 - Is an SMSF right for me?

Duration 27:19 minutes | File Size 25.45 MB

There are now over 600,000 SMSFs in Australia, with over 1.1million investors having chosen to manage their own retirement savings. SMSFs offer unprecedented control, flexibility and investment choice, but also come with a long list of responsibilities and obligations, so it’s worth giving considerable thought to whether it’s the right structure for you.

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Episode 12 - Should you consider the new Downsizing Contribution to Super?

Duration 17:52 minutes | File Size 16.65 MB

Recent legislation gives older Australians the opportunity to contribute up to $300,000 each to superannuation if they sell their homes. This sounds like a great way to increase your super and free up some capital for a more comfortable retirement, but do the benefits really stack up?

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Episode 11 - How much can I afford to spend in retirement?

Duration 15:09 minutes | File Size 14.24 MB

While many of us long for leisurely days playing golf and gardening, or perhaps travelling the world, the reality of retirement presents many challenges for older Australians. Making your savings last a lifetime is a tricky proposition, and both spending too much, and too little, during this stage of life can hugely affect the quality of your post working life.

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Episode 10 - ETFs - Behind the Hype

Duration 34:34 minutes | File Size 32.17 MB

Exchange Traded Funds, or ETFs, have become one of the most popular products for investors who are wishing to create long term wealth. Once just simple index trackers, they now offer exposure to currencies, sectors such as robotics and biotechnology, and even allow investors to short or leverage their market exposure.

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Episode 9 - The Great Disconnect – Portfolio Risks in 2018

Duration 32:50 minutes | File Size 30.8 MB

In early 2018, US equity markets had reached their highest levels on record, the ASX had shrugged off the shroud of the 5000s and volatility was at all-time lows. Yet for those who closely watch Treasury markets and geopolitics, there was great uncertainty unheeded by exuberant equity investors.

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Episode 8 - Preparing for earnings season

Duration 27:29 minutes | File Size 25.8 MB

February earnings season offers an opportunity for investors to get a greater insight into company performance, compare results within sectors and re-balance their portfolios. If you are new to investing or just want to update your market knowledge, earnings season also brings a wealth of insights and commentary to retail investors – but it’s important not to get overwhelmed.

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Episode 7 - Busting the $1million retirement myth

Duration 21:06 minutes | File Size 19.67MB

To provide for a reasonable retirement, many pundits will tell you that you need a superannuation balance of $1m or more. Others believe such estimates are unhelpful and assert that you may need only a fraction of that amount to enjoy a long and comfortable retirement.

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Episode 6 - Investing in a Low Yield Environment

Duration 28:05 minutes | File Size 26.36MB

With interest rates at historical lows around the world, investors who rely on income from their portfolios have been forced to seek yield from other assets or suffer a real decline in their standard of living. For many retirees, and others, this is a real and persistent problem, and alternative portfolio solutions are needed.

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Episode 5 - Understanding IPOs and Capital Raisings

Duration 21:04 minutes | File Size 19.6MB

Many of the biggest investment success stories in recent times have listed in the last several months. Australian IPOs outperformed the overall ASX by over 25% in the first three quarters of 2017*. For investors, however, the decision to buy stock in a company that has previously been private can be a challenging one.

* OnMarket Third Quarter IPO Report, October 2017


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Episode 4 - Understanding hybrid securities

Duration 27:23 minutes | File Size 25.45MB

Hybrid securities have become a popular choice among investors seeking income in the current low yield environment. But hybrids are not without risks. In this episode, we take you through many of the essentials that investors should understand about hybrids including their history, why banks issue them and how they work.

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Episode 3 - Saving for retirement, without using super

Duration 22:39 minutes | File Size 21.07MB

In this episode, we look at strategies to save for your retirement outside superannuation. Superannuation continues to be the most popular and tax effective vehicle for saving for retirement, but the reduced contribution caps and Transfer Balance Cap have now limited its effectiveness for many people, leaving many investors wondering what alternatives will assist them to achieve their retirement savings objectives.

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Episode 2 - Super vs The Mortgage

Duration 15:09 minutes | File Size 14.11MB

In this episode, we look at two of the most popular strategies to build wealth: paying off non-deductible debt and saving through super, and do the maths on which is most likely to give you the best financial outcome.

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Episode 1 - Saving for your kids’ education

Duration 23:17 minutes | File Size 21.35MB

Welcome to Your Wealth. In our pilot episode, we look at strategies to save for your children’s education expenses – a serious topic for many parents and grandparents with young kids. I interview finance expert Katie Whiffen about when to start saving, how much you need, saving vs investing and whether borrowing can help.