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A podcast series designed to help you create, build, and grow your wealth.
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Episode 117 -  The US election and the potential impact on your portfolio

Duration 32:02 | File Size 30.7 MB

The US Federal election campaign is already closer than many punters are willing to call, and there are several potential outcomes that have implications for investors. 

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Episode 116 -  Hamish Douglass: Covid, US elections and a 50% drop in the S&P500

Duration 38:44 | File Size 36.8 MB

What are the key challenges Magellan founder Hamish Douglass is thinking about? In the midst of a pandemic, markets could grind higher by 20%, or drop by half – and investors need to be prepared for either scenario.

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Episode 115 -  The global outlook – punishing savers and rewarding investors

Duration 38:41 | File Size 36.9 MB

While debt grows around the world, equity markets are returning to their highs. So what does this mean for investors?

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Episode 114 -  Famed investment manager declares speculative mania in global stocks

Duration 45:29 | File Size 43.5 MB

Platinum International's Andrew Clifford fear that global markets are heading into bubble territory, with potentially catastrophic consequences for investors.

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Episode 113 -  Everything you need to know about trading on the ASX, but possibly don’t

Duration 37:19 | File Size 35.5 MB

Buying shares has never been easier, but little things like which day and at time you place your trade can make a big difference to the price you pay for a stock.

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Episode 112 -  Becoming a full time investor – resources, networks and more

Duration 40:23 | File Size 38.7 MB

One of the most frequently asked questions for this podcast is how hard it is to make the transition to full time investing, and how to get started.

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Episode 111 -  Tech megacaps – dangerous bubble or quality blue chips?

Duration 34:30 | File Size 32.8 MB

To the astonishment of many commentators, the Nasdaq, the tech-heavy US index, is actually up for calendar year 2020, having regained all of its losses since the COVID crisis. Investors who have held the FAANG stocks and darlings such as Tesla have generated vastly greater returns than those who have not.

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Episode 110 -  Don’t fight the Fed - why shares keep rising in a troubled economy 

Duration 35:37 | File Size 33.9 MB

Ever wondered why shares keep rising despite an increasingly troubled economic outlook? What do expressions like ‘don’t fight the Fed’ and ‘brrrr’ mean?

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Episode 109 -  Pre 30 June strategies to save tax and build wealth

Duration 46:24 | File Size 44.1 MB

The end of the financial year is a great time to review your portfolio and ensure you are aware of the tax deductions and incentives that exist for your investments and your personal income. Many recent changes could offer benefits for certain taxpayers.

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Episode 108 -  Capital Raisings and Opportunities outside the ASX100

Duration 26:52 | File Size 25.8 MB

Small cap stocks have lagged large caps over the last twelve months, and are often forgotten as investors look to big names in times of trouble. Many Australian smaller companies have come to market seeking capital to ensure they can stay profitable post Covid19 and into a recovery.

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Episode 107 -  Dividends, franking and the new normal - a 40% decline?

Duration 31:34 | File Size 30.3 MB

With major Australian companies cutting and deferring dividends, investors relying on equities for income are facing a challenging year ahead. Martin Currie’s Australian equity team have crunched the numbers and estimate a cut of 40% in yield for the ASX200 in 2020.

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