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Episode 79 - Investing for the future – How investment managers are planning for tomorrow

Duration 39:37 | File Size 74.8 MB

Disruption has affected most industries and fortunes are made and lost where investors are most able to position themselves for trends and themes that shape our world. This year’s Kanga conference hosts a line-up of professionals who are thinking about investing in the future.

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Episode 78 - Getting started in the Aussie share market

Duration 43:08 | File Size 78.2 MB

Many investors are reluctant to enter the share market despite higher potential returns than other assets due to
their lack of knowledge and experience. If you’re one of them, you’re probably asking yourself: where to start, how
much money is needed and what to buy.

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Episode 77 - How to invest your next dollar

Duration 27:27 | File Size 49.8 MB

Whether you rolled over your super fund or have excess cash available, the big question is: how to invest your next dollar? The question is especially pertinent for investors who experienced poor returns from assets they had little knowledge of during the global financial crisis.

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Episode 76 - Lithium, nickel, iron ore and more: Resources and the lure of the West

Duration 26:47 | File Size 48.6 MB

While the resources boom that saved Australia from the GFC may have subsided, there is no question that global demand for Australian resources will continue. Trends can be tricky though; those who joined the lithium bandwagon have experienced a wild ride.

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Episode 75 - Death and Taxes – Getting your super to those you care about

Duration 39:35 | File Size 71.7 MB

Most Australians are surprised -even shocked -to discover that their superannuation is not covered by their Will, and decisions about who receives it upon death can be made by a trustee whom they’ve never met. Given super is often a person’s largest financial asset, investing a little bit of time to ensure it goes to those you love can be critical.

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Episode 74 - ETFs: Things you need to know before you buy or sell 

Duration 38:35 | File Size 70 MB

ETFs now account for a substantial proportion of daily turnover on the ASX and are often the first investment for investors looking for exposure to the sharemarket or a new sector. Their promise of low fees and easy access appeal to a wide variety of investors – but as with any investment product, there are complexities and strategies that can improve, or reduce, their value in your portfolio.

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Episode 73 - A day in the life of an active trader

Duration 43:00 | File Size 78 MB

Ever wondered what it would be like to throw in your day job and trade full time? Ten years ago, Lucio Conte left his job and spent the last decade making a successful living trading domestic and international shares.

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Episode 72 - Ethical stocks you’ll actually want to own

Duration 57:42 | File Size 105 MB

As InvestSmart portfolio manager Nathan Bell explains, ethical investing is not hugging trees while your returns blow in the wind. It makes good financial sense to avoid harmful industries, and he’s got the stock picks and numbers to prove it.

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Episode 71 - Death and taxes: ensuring your money goes where you want it to when you die

Duration 46:01 | File Size 83.4 MB

Ensuring your loved ones are taken care of and your assets go to your intended beneficiaries is not as simple as downloading an online Will kit. Failing to get it right can cause additional grief and considerable cost to your loved ones once you’re gone, even if you feel you have very little to leave.

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Episode 70 - WAAAXing Lyrical - the future for Australia’s tech darlings (Part 2)

Duration 29:25 | File Size 53.3 MB

Scott Phillips from the Motley Fool gives his thoughts on Australia’s tech darlings, the WAAAX stocks. Can they continue to deliver great outcomes for shareholders and customers, or will they inevitably succumb to the powers of gravity?

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