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Reduce your paperwork With dividend crediting
Setting up dividend crediting is as easy as 3 simple steps

Faster access and less paperwork

With dividend crediting in place, your dividend payments are automatically credited to your nabtrade Cash Account - giving you faster access to your funds for your next investment. It only takes a few clicks to set up and the process is paperless. 


How to set up dividend crediting

Step 1: 
Click on 'Holdings' in the main navigation bar.


Step 2:
Click on the 'Set Dividend Crediting' button and follow the prompts.


Step 3: 
Enter your 'Trading PIN' to confirm your request.


Important information

  • If you have other account holders linked to your account, they will need to log in and click 'Outstanding actions' under 'Admin', 'Personal Details'.
  • To check if you already have dividend crediting enabled on your account, hover over 'Admin' in the main navigation, and click on 'Permissions'.
  • If you already have a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP), setting up dividend crediting will not override it.

Benefits of dividend crediting

  • Consolidate your payments into one account
  • Quick and easy online access to your dividend payments