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Consolidate payments

Get paid faster this dividend season

Activate automatic dividend crediting on your nabtrade
Cash Account in three simple steps.

Benefits of dividend crediting

Piggy Bank

Payments automatically credited into your nominated cash account.

Dollar Symbol

Consolidate your payments into one account.


Quick and easy online access to your dividend payments.

Learn how to set up Dividend Crediting.

Watch our short demo video.

3 steps to getting started

Step 1

Click on Holdings in the main navigation bar.

Step 2

Click on Set Dividend Crediting and follow the prompts.

Step 3

Enter your Trading PIN to confirm your request.

Couple Computer

Things to know:

  • If you have other account holders linked to your account, they will need to log in and click 'Outstanding actions' under 'Admin', 'Personal Details'.
  • To check if you already have dividend crediting enabled on your account, hover over 'Admin' in the main navigation, and click on 'Permissions'.
  • If you already have a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP), setting up dividend crediting will not override it.

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