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How to complete an Off Market Transfer

An Off Market Transfer (OMT) is a private arrangement to transfer legal ownership of shares from one entity to another, generally resulting in a change of beneficial owner.

OMTs may incur fees:

  • If the stock is leaving nabtrade, the seller will attract a $55.00 transfer fee per holding
  • If the stock is being transferred between nabtrade accounts, the seller will attract a $27.50 transfer fee per holding
  • If transferring to or from another broker, a fee may also be payable to that broker.

Note: International stocks can only be transferred via OMT between nabtrade accounts. nabtrade is unable to facilitate OMTs of international stock between brokers.

To perform an Off Market Transfer, download the Off Market Transfer form and return to us via

IMPORTANT: When making a request for the Off Market Transfer of shares to another nabtrade account, ensure both, the Seller(s) and the Buyer(s) have signed the Off Market Transfer form.