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Fixed income
Generate a steady income stream and diversify your portfolio with fixed income through nabtrade.

Reasons to invest in fixed income through nabtrade

Access a wider range of asset classes, including listed and unlisted fixed income.

Qualitative fixed income research available from Bond Adviser for eligible wholesale clients.

Enjoy an integrated view of listed and unlisted fixed income holdings alongside equities.

About fixed income

Fixed income instruments are loans made by the lender (investor) to the borrower (issuer) in exchange for regular income payments and the return of capital at maturity. While fixed income instruments vary, they generally have a fixed term and a schedule of interest payments which differs to equities where dividends are discretionary. 

Fixed income can play a valuable role in investment portfolios, with a wide range of yields to suit your risk profile and investment objectives, capital stability and the repayment of principal at maturity (assuming the issuer does not default or become insolvent) being among the key benefits. 

There are two types of fixed income securities:

  • Listed fixed income securities are traded on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and are accessible by all investors.
  • Unlisted fixed income: Investing in the unlisted market has typically only been available to institutional investors with a minimum investment of $500,000 per bond. NAB Access Bond Service allows eligible wholesale clients to access bond parcels from as little as $50,000.

Pricing for listed fixed income

  • Brokerage
  • Trade size
  • $5,000
  • $10,000
  • $20,000
  • $50,000


Reliable income

The majority of investment returns for fixed income come from regular (coupon) payments.


Listed fixed income are exchange traded which can give you a convenient way to buy or sell investments.


Fixed income investments are typically less volatile and rank high on a company's capital structure.


Liquidity risk

For unlisted fixed income investments, there may not be a buyer when you wish to sell.

Interest rate risk

If interest rates rise, the price of bonds in the market fall.

Issuer default

In the event of an issuer default, your coupon payment and return of principal may be impacted.                                                                                                       

Next steps Get started with nabtrade

Every new nabtrade customer receives:

  • A domestic trading account
  • An international trading account
  • An integrated cash account

Additional service options include:

  • nabtrade High Interest Account
  • nabtrade IRESS Trader/ViewPoint
  • NAB investment lending solutions
  • Self Managed Super Fund setup and management services

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1. Apply online - Complete our online application form - you can select from an Individual, Joint, Company or SMSF/Trust account.

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How to invest in fixed income

Listed fixed income

Add cash to your account and trade the same way as shares.

Cash management

Unlisted fixed income

Invest in unlisted bonds through the NAB Access Bond Service.

NAB Access Bond Service