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nabtrade's Latest enhancements
In response to feedback from our customers, we continuously make updates to improve our platform.


Based on your feedback we’ve introduced a calendar to help you forecast your future dividend income.


Based on your feedback, we’ve made some changes to our alerts to ensure you can stay-up-to date with changes to your portfolio.



Welcome Centre

We've recently introduced a 'welcome centre' which comes complete with a library of new demo videos and articles to help you get the most out of the nabtrade platform.

Education centre

We know education is critical to making informed investment decisions. That’s why we’ve created an education centre where you can find a range of articles covering the very basics about the share market right through to investment strategies and information about specific product types.




Tax Reporting

We’ve developed a new report to help consolidate your end of financial year transactional information. This report can be generated over your chosen time period (such as last financial year). You can use this report to view:

  • trades
  • interest earned on nabtrade accounts
  • dividend payments (made into the nabtrade cash account)*
  • mFund and ETF distributions (made into the nabtrade cash account)*
  • brokerage and market fees

* Some remitters, such as a few REITs, ETFs and mFunds, classify their payments as interest, and therefore, their payments do not appear in the transaction report.

Mobile enhancements

Conditional orders

We've added conditional orders to These can be used for both domestic and international orders; and include Stop Entry, Stop Loss and Take Profit conditional order types. 

International conditional orders are not subject to ‘Day Only’ restrictions, and therefore the conditional order can remain open for multiple days. This prevents you from having to re-enter an actual order if it expires.


Technical research added

We've introduced Technical research, with Trading Central now included at International research is also available across all research categories – Technical, Consensus and Quantitative.



Holdings page updates

Our Holdings page now provides daily gain/loss indicators, as well as the daily change for portfolios.                                                                                                                           


0 site

No minimum balance for Cash Account to High Interest Account sweeps

We’ve removed the minimum balance Cash Account to High Interest Account sweeps. When setting up your sweep via the Cash Management menu, the “Minimum balance to be retained” value entered can be as little as $0.00.

Pay Anyone daily transfer limit increase to $20,000

You can now set your daily Pay Anyone cash transfer limit up to a maximum of $20,000. Visit your nabtrade Cash Account landing page and select the “Manage Daily Pay Anyone Limit” to adjust your transfer amount.


IRESS Viewpoint

IRESS Viewpoint users will see regular enhancements released throughout the year. Some recent updates  include:

  • New 'Market Depth Histogram' widget - view a visual representation of supply and demand for a selected security. Select a security and compare the Bid and Ask data using either a non-cumulative Bar, or cumulative Linear Chart.
  • Market Depth - you can now see the total traded Volume and Value for the selected security. This is displayed in the top of the Last 20 Trades section of the widget.
  • Market Activity - add the Volume and Value fields to your Market Activity widget.