Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are in the process of rolling out a version update which is impacting some nabtrade functionality, including buy/sell buttons and certain page loads. If you are a Chrome or Edge user and are experiencing these problems, please visit the following FAQ to review the steps that need to be taken to prevent this issue from occurring.

How do I transfer cash using the nabtrade mobile app?

To transfer cash using the nabtrade mobile app, first click on the Menu in the bottom right hand corner of your device to expand the options.

Then select Transfer & Pay and follow the prompts. If you need help you can follow these easy steps:

  • Select the nabtrade Cash Account you want to transfer funds from
  • Select the payment type
  • If you would like to transfer between your own nabtrade or linked NAB accounts, select the option Transfer otherwise select the option Pay anyone
  • Enter the amount you would like to transfer
  • Select payment type
  • Enter the amount, description and remitter name.
  • Choose Now if you would like to submit the payment request today or select Later and select the future date and frequency of payments
  • For your security, the nabtrade mobile app will require you to enter passcode/password to proceed with the transfer
  • You will receive a passcode as SMS to your registered device. Confirm the passcode to submit the payment.