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Please be advised that there is a global technology incident impacting NAB and other companies which is preventing clients from being able to place orders. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

How do I place a conditional order using the nabtrade mobile app?

You can place a fixed or trailing conditional order by switching on the Conditional Order toggle button available on the order pad. Once enabled, the order pad provides you with additional options to set various conditions to an order.

To setup a fixed conditional order, switch on the Conditional Order toggle button. For a sell order, you can choose to add a stop loss or take profit option that is based on a fixed trigger price. For a buy order, you can choose the stop entry option. If required, you can tap on the help icon (?) next to the label on each of these options to view more on how these options work.

To setup a trailing conditional order, choose the Advanced option and then select the Trailing button. With this option you can set a trigger price based on a percentage drop or rise.