Nabtrade outage

Non-individual and NEL onboarding may be unavailable between Friday (14 June) 20:00 to Sunday (16 June) 20:30 for scheduled maintenance.


Closing your account

To close your nabtrade trading account, please follow the steps below for each account or sub account you are wanting to close.

To ensure we can process your request as quickly as possible, please complete steps 1 – 4 prior to sending us your written request.

1. Cancel all open orders

Review and cancel all open orders.

2. Transfer funds out

Transfer all remaining funds in the nabtrade Cash Account/High Interest Accounts.

3. Download statements and reports

It is recommended that you download a copy of your statements for tax and account keeping purposes, eg: Cash Statements, Confirmations and Total Wealth Reports.

4. Transfer shares out

If shares are still held on the account, we will need your instructions signed by all account holders before we can close the account:

  • To transfer your shares to another broker under the same registered name and address, complete a Broker to Broker Transfer form
  • To convert your shares to Issuer Sponsored, email us an instruction with the list of your shares (security name), ASX/APIR code and quantity
  • To transfer your shares to another party’s CHESS sponsored account either with nabtrade or another broker, an Off Market Transfer form is required.

5. Email a signed request

Please email your signed written request and any accompanying forms to ensuring all account holders have expressed their consent by signing the request. This is particularly important for Joint, Company and/or Trust Accounts.

IMPORTANT: This request must be sent from the email address registered to the relevant account.

How to avoid delays

  1. In some cases, we may not have your signature on file. We recommend all account holders send a self-certified (signed) photocopy of a Primary ID document bearing a signature.
  2. Ensure all account holders have signed the account closure request and any accompanying forms. When opting for the Off Market Transfer of shares to another nabtrade account, ensure both the Seller(s) and the Buyer(s) have signed the form.