Nabtrade outage

Non-individual and NEL onboarding may be unavailable between Friday (14 June) 20:00 to Sunday (16 June) 20:30 for scheduled maintenance.


How do I transfer money out of my nabtrade Cash Account?

To transfer money out of your nabtrade Cash Account go to Cash > Make a funds transfer.

The following transfer limits apply:

  • You can transfer unlimited amounts instantaneously, to any linked nabtrade or NAB bank accounts.
  • To an external account you can transfer up to $20,000 online per day or
  • Up to $100,000 over the phone by calling nabtrade.

Should you wish to transfer more than $20,000 to an external account, or for instructions on transferring more than $100,000 to an external account please contact us on 13 13 80.

Important: Funds may only be transferred out via Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). BPAY out and Direct Debit are not supported on the nabtrade cash account.