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How do I update my residential and mailing addresses and my CHESS registration details?

nabtrade holds the following addresses:

  • Residential address of each account holder
  • Mailing address of each account holder
  • CHESS registration address for each trading account
  • Principal place of business (for company accounts)

You can update these details by logging into nabtrade and navigating to Admin > Personal Details.

Click Edit in bottom right of the residential & mailing address box, make the amendments to your address and enter your Trading PIN to finalise.

Once your Trading PIN has been submitted, a pop-up box will appear, and you will be asked if you want to update your CHESS address with these new details. If you wish to proceed, select the Account and click Next to finalise.

IMPORTANT: Only the primary account holder will be prompted to update their CHESS address when updating their residential or mailing address.

For Joint accounts, all account holders will need to provide their signature. For Company and Trust accounts the director/s and trustees respectively are also required to provide their signatures via the Change of Address form.

There are restrictions to international trading accounts that may apply if you are changing the country of your address(es). See What are the eligibility criteria for international trading for more information.