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Closing your account

To close your active nabtrade trading account with an active Holder Identification Number (HIN), a signed written request is required. A signed written request can be emailed to us at

When sending the account closure request please specify which account or sub account you are wanting to close and ensure the relevant requirements are met:  

  • All the account holder(s) have expressed their consent via written communication – this is particularly important for Joint, Company and/or Trust Accounts
  • All open orders are cancelled (we can cancel any remaining orders on your behalf upon instruction)
  • If there are remaining funds in the cash account/high interest account, please advise how the funds are to be transferred - bank account details for a direct transfer or name and address to post a cheque.

If shares are still held on the account, we will need instructions on where to transfer these to, e.g. issuer sponsored or another broker. If you want to transfer these to another broker, its easier if this transfer is initiated by the other broker prior to you closing the account.

It is also recommended that you download a copy of your statements for tax and account keeping purposes  eg:  Cash Statements, Confirmations and Total Wealth Reports.