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Real estate investment trusts
Get exposure to property investments without buying physical property.

Reasons to invest in REITs with nabtrade

Enjoy great brokerage and a competitive high interest rate for your cash.

Stay up to date with the latest news and insights from industry experts.

Stream live ASX data so you can make real time investment decisions.

About Real Estate Investment Trusts

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), in Australia referred to as A-REITs, are a way to gain exposure to property investments without needing to buy and manage the physical property.

A-REITs are companies that own and manage property on behalf of shareholders. They may own assets such as commercial buildings, shopping malls, industrial properties and warehouses.

The main reasons investors hold REITs include capital gains, dividend income, diversification, and professional management of the underlying property portfolio. 


  • Brokerage
  • Trade size
  • $5,000
  • $10,000
  • $20,000
  • $50,000


Regular income

A-REITs can offer investors a source of regular income through distributions.

Ease of access

The minimum initial investment required for an A-REIT is $500.


Investing in A-REITs can provide more diversification than if you were to own property directly as they tend to invest in multiple property assets.

Capital gains

The value of the units may go up in line with the sharemarket or for reasons specific to that trust.




Income risk

An A-REIT’s distributions may be reduced or not paid due to the underperformance of the underlying property.

Concentration risk

If a substantial value of an A-REIT’s assets are based in one building, suburb, city or state, you may be exposed to greater risk.

Leverage risk

Where an A-REIT uses substantial debt to fund the construction or acquisition of new property, the trust may be exposed to leverage risk.

Capital losses

The value of the units may go down in line with the sharemarket or for reasons specific to that trust.

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Funding options for REITs

There are two ways to fund your investment:

Add cash to your account

Every nabtrade account comes with a linked cash account.

Cash management

Borrow to invest

With a NAB Margin Loan you can borrow to invest.

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