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Introducing nabtrade iress viewpoint

ViewPoint is IRESS’ next generation active trader platform, with new and improved features including:

Easier online access - with no Java requirement and better compatibility with a range of different internet browsers.

Better ability to customise your trading experience – with the ability to layer data over the top of each other giving you more data in a single view.  

Enhanced experience and new tools – with a simpler contingent and standard order entry, additional technical chart indicators and improved browser and email alert capability.

Introducing nabtrade IRESS ViewPoint

Take a tour of nabtrade's IRESS ViewPoint, the next generation active trader platform.

It provides a better ability to customise your trading experience, enhanced trading tools and easier online access.

To find out more about how it works watch our short video.


How to launch ViewPoint

nabtrade IRESS Trader will remain available, however now you have the option of logging into ViewPoint as well at no additional charge.  

When you launch nabtrade IRESS Trader from the navigation menu in the logged in experience you will be presented with the option to launch either IRESS Trader or IRESS ViewPoint.




Watch IRESS ViewPoint demo videos


Setting your preferred language
Setting your preferred colour scheme
Excel add-ins
Column formatting
The basics of trading
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