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nabtrade for JBWERE employees
Enjoy a smooth transition to your new investing service.

Why choose nabtrade?

A world of opportunity

With one login, access over 10,000 securities across instruments such as shares, bonds and ETFs.

Enjoy great value trading

Trade domestic and international shares online from $14.95 (plus FX for international).

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Investing insights

Stay ahead of the game with our news and insights.


Research & charting

Find your next investment opportunity with the latest company research and charting.

Platform & tools

Your transition experience

To make moving your portfolio to nabtrade an easy one watch our short video.

By transferring your Holder Identification Number (HIN) from JBWere all of your securities and dividend instructions will be moved to your new account.

Please note any international holdings will need to be manually transferred, and you will need to transfer any cash from your JBWere Cash Trust or JBWere Cash Account separately as well.


How to move your portfolio to nabtrade

Enjoy a smooth transition to your new investing service from NAB. Getting started is easy, simply follow the steps below. And, if you need any further help our step-by-step guides are available.

1. Start an online application

2. Select 'Transfer HIN and Holdings' when completing the form

3. Enter the PROMO code JBWSTAFF

4. Ensure you complete an employee notification form 



Don't forget the PROMO code


To ensure we can identify you as a JBWere client and transition your account to nabtrade – please ensure you include the JBWSTAFF promo code in the online application form.

Employee Benefits

nabtrade is a part of NAB's employee bank offering, and as a result JBWere employees can take advantage of a discount on brokerage and margin lending.

Key employee benefits include:

• A discount on brokerage: $14.95 or 0.08% of the trade volume (usually 0.11%)

• A 2% discount on the standard interest rate of all NAB Equity Lending products*

To ensure these benefits are applied to your account ensure you complete the Employee Notification Form


*The special rate is a 2% discount on the standard variable rate. The discount will apply for the life of the loan, or until varied or withdrawn by NAB.


Once your HIN has been moved to nabtrade, you can update the cost base of your securities to ensure accurate performance reporting.

To do this simply:

1. Login to nabtrade

2. Visit holdings > holding history

3. Click on the yellow arrow icon next to the security you want to update

4. Select Edit Cost Base under Actions

5. Enter your purchase date and price



Frequently asked questions

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Invest with an award-winning platform

nabtrade is an award-winning investment platform – with awards from CANSTAR and Money magazine for online trading, cash and margin lending.

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CANSTAR: Outstanding Value – Online Share Trading (2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016) and Outstanding Value – Savings Account (2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016). Money magazine: Best of the Best awards 2016, Best innovative trading feature – international.


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