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How does the estimated dividend calendar work?

The estimated dividend calendar has been created to help you obtain a quick and easy snapshot of your forecasted investment income for the next 12 months and is subject to important information.  The estimated dividend calendar uses the data in your current holdings prior to market open, and combines this with market data and historical dividend information to calculate upcoming dividends and presents them in AUD.

We then consolidate this view of your forecasted dividend income into a quick and easy to understand format.

Important to note: the estimated dividend calendar is an estimation and should not be relied upon for record keeping purposes.

  • To access your estimated dividend calendar, follow these simple steps:
  • Log into nabtrade
  • Select Estimated Dividend Calendar from the Insight Centre drop-down.
  • Your calendar will appear in a pop-up window. It may take a few moments.


Important information

Actual outcomes may vary from the scenarios simulated. The estimated dividend calendar’s use is subject to the following conditions:

It is provided for general information and illustrative purposes only and you should not rely on this information to make financial decisions.

Past performance is not an indicator of future performance and it is your responsibility to verify this information. Some of the variables used for these calculations are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed to be an exact reflection of future dividends.

We have rounded amounts to the nearest dollar, and have excluded trades that were executed today, and any special or one-off dividends.

Estimated dividend amounts include franking credits, where applicable.

It is an approximation only and is not linked to any actual dividends credited to your account and as such, should not be relied upon for record keeping purposes.