Nabtrade outage

Non-individual and NEL onboarding may be unavailable between Friday (14 June) 20:00 to Sunday (16 June) 20:30 for scheduled maintenance.


How do I place an order using IRESS ViewPoint?

To place an order using IRESS ViewPoint follow these steps:

Start by logging into your nabtrade account and navigating to: Trading > Launch IRESS Trader.

A dialogue box will appear with the option to launch either IRESS Trader or IRESS ViewPoint, select IRESS ViewPoint and Log On.

Once IRESS ViewPoint has launched, you can access the Fixed Order Entry widget from the main order window or from within any widget.

Simply, click on Buy or Sell. With this action the order entry widget will automatically scroll out.

To place an order simply fill in the required fields, starting with the account you are trading on:

  • Enter the stock code
  • Then select either Buy or Sell
  • Select the volume
  • Order type, and
  • Limit price

The trading information will appear to the left. This will show the details of the order.

Then select Place the order for example, to submit your order to the market. This can be found at the bottom of the screen.

There are four other trading widgets that you can use to place or manage your orders using IRESS ViewPoint. These include:

1.     Order ticket – a simplified order entry widget. Commonly used by traders who place multiple orders on multiple stocks ahead of the market open

2.     Quick trade – for speed to market with minimal inputs for the order

3.     Order pad – for management of orders that are in the market

4.     Trades widget – allows traders to retrospectively review previous orders.

View our IRESS ViewPoint landing page for other helpful demos.