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When am I entitled to a dividend?

You are eligible for a dividend if you purchase shares during or prior to the cum-dividend period and hold the shares until the ex-dividend date.

You are not eligible for dividends on shares if you purchase them on or after the ex-dividend date.

To look up dividend details, including ex-dividend date, go to Insights Centre > Dividends or go to the dividend table on the company page of the stock you are interested in.

Domestic Dividend Payments

Domestic dividends can be paid as:

  • Direct deposit
  • Cheque
  • Dividend Reinvestment Plan (where applicable)
  • nabtrade dividend crediting

When you purchase shares, the share registry will post out documentation on the company, included in this documentation are dividend payment instructions. If this paperwork is not returned to the share registry dividends will automatically be paid as cheque and posted to the CHESS registered address. Alternatively, the paperwork can be sent back with a BSB and account number and any dividends will be paid into the specified bank account.

The paperwork will also provide an option for a Dividend Reinvestment Plan where dividends are received as additional shares in the company in replacement of cash.

nabtrade Dividend Crediting

Dividend crediting can be found in Admin > Permissions on the nabtrade website. When activated, it redirects your dividend payments into the nominated cash account on your behalf. Dividend crediting will not override any Dividend Reinvestment Plans.

Helpful Hint: Payments will appear in the nominated cash account, they day after the payment date due to processing times.

International Dividend Payments

International dividends are always paid as cash into the nominated cash account. Dividends are usually paid within 5 business days (approx.) but can take up to 21 days depending on the volumes at the time of receipt.