Important announcement:

nabtrade will be unavailable between 00:00 and 12:45 on Sunday 26th of May for scheduled maintenance.

The US markets shift to T+1 settlement and the FX PDS update both take effect on Tuesday 28th May 2024.

How do I transfer international stock into my account?

International stock transfers do not follow our usual transfer process. Due to the complicated nature of the process it can take up to six weeks for the transfer to be completed

nabtrade can complete international stock transfers if the holdings meet the below requirements:

  • Securities are electronically registered and are currently with a custodian/registry who can complete international transfers
  • Total amount to be transferred is greater than AUD 10,000 equivalent
  • Stock to be transferred is tradeable with nabtrade - this can be confirmed by typing your security into the nabtrade order pad and confirming it appears
  • You have the ISINs (International Security Identification Numbers) for the securities.
  • The holdings are being transferred into an account with the same name and legal entity type - i.e there is no change in beneficial or legal ownership
  • The international trading account with nabtrade has been activated and unrestricted.
  • To complete a transfer, please contact nabtrade on 13 13 80 with the above information for each security. We will then confirm the eligibility and provide you with the relevant transfer request forms.

IMPORTANT: We do not currently offer international stock transfers out.