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What's a Holder Identification Number (HIN)?

A Holder Identification Number (HIN) is a unique number issued by the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) when you become a client of a broker. All shares that you buy through that broker will be connected to your HIN. Your HIN is attached to an account, so if you have multiple accounts (e.g. an individual account in your name and a joint account with your partner) then you will have multiple HINs also. It is worth noting that each account can only have one HIN.

During the nabtrade account application process you will be asked whether you’d like to transfer your HIN (and all the shares connected to that HIN) held with another broker to the account you are opening with nabtrade. If you choose not to do this then a new HIN will be created for your nabtrade account. If you wish to transfer shares held elsewhere to this account at a later date, then you will need to complete a Broker to Broker transfer form to do so. This form facilitates the transfer of individual share holdings rather than the entire HIN.

For a HIN or Broker to Broker transfer to be successful, the registered name and address details of your account at the other broker will need to match those held on your nabtrade account.