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How do I to set up an automatic sweep to my High Interest Account?

Setting up an automated sweep ensures any uninvested sums in your nabtrade Cash Account are automatically moved into your high interest account to maximise your interest while you wait for your next investment opportunity.

To set this up, first log into your nabtrade account. Then hover over Cash in the main navigation and select Cash Account from the drop-down. Next select Set up a sweep on the right-hand side of the page.

In the pop-up window follow the prompts and enter the required detail such as the cash account you want to transfer the funds from and the high interest account you want to transfer the funds to. You can set a minimum balance to retain in the cash account as well as the frequency for how often you would like the sweep to occur and when you would like it to start and end. Be sure to have your four-character Trading PIN handy to confirm the set-up of the sweep.