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To place an order log in to nabtrade and select Trading > Place an order or just click on the blue Trade button in the top right hand corner of any page. 

You will then be able to complete the order pad with your desired instructions.

  • Code or name: The name or stock code of the company you wish to buy or sell
  • Action: Buy or Sell Account: The account you wish to transact on. For international orders be sure to select your international trading account. If your international account is not available in the drop down list please contact us to activate your account for trading.
  • Amount type: Choose either a quantity of shares you wish to buy or sell or a dollar value
  • Units (for Amount type 'Quantity' only): The number of shares you wish to buy or sell
  • Dollar Value (for Amount type 'Value' only): The dollar value of shares you wish to buy or sell
  • Order Type: Limit allows you to set the price you are willing to pay up to on a buy or the minimum price you will accept for a sell. Market (not available for international orders) sets a limit price at the lowest available offer price for a buy order or the highest available bid price for a sell order, this price becomes your limit.

IMPORTANT: For buy orders you will need to ensure you have sufficient funds in your nabtrade Cash Account.