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Specialised solutions
nabtrade has a range of specialised products and services fully integrated with the nabtrade platform.

Specialised solutions

NAB Wholesale Investor Register

Access to investment opportunities available only to Wholesale clients.

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NAB Portfolio Access

Unlock a world of opportunities for your investment strategy.

NAB Access Bond Service

Access the unlisted bond market and view your holdings on nabtrade.

nabtrade Premium

A premium service for our most valued investors.

NAB Portfolio Access

We understand how important it is for you to access a broader range of opportunities, so we’ve brought together a suite of NAB investment products, across multiple asset classes, to help you build your investment portfolio.

NAB Portfolio Access allows investors to view their equities, bonds, margin lending, managed funds, and banking products, all on the nabtrade platform.

To find out more about how the service works watch our short video.

NAB Access Bond Service

Investing in the unlisted bond market has typically only been available to institutional investors with a minimum investment of $500,000 per bond. With the NAB Access Bond Service, eligible wholesale investors can access bond parcels from as little as $50,000.

The NAB Access Bond Service allows investors to:

  • Further diversify their portfolio through a broader range of bonds and other fixed income securities
  • Speak directly with fixed income specialists
  • Gain access to new issues in the institutional bond market
  • View market valuations of your bond portfolio via nabtrade
  • Access research and insights to improve your understanding of the bond market 

We've integrated the NAB Access Bond Service into nabtrade meaning you can now view your unlisted fixed income, alongside your other investments such as domestic and international equities, and managed funds. 

When you join the NAB Access Bond Service, you'll be assigned a dedicated specialist to help service your needs and give you market insights. As NAB Access Bond investments are unlisted, transactions are made over the phone through your dedicated specialist and will be visible on your nabtrade account once settled.

For our most valued investors nabtrade premium

nabtrade Premium gives eligible investors:

  • Access to exclusive opportunities
  • Personal and priority service
  • Better value trading
  • Unique insights and events