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NAB Portfolio Access

About NAB Portfolio Access

NAB Portfolio Access is a service that gives you access to a suite of NAB investment products, across multiple asset classes. In addition to this, you'll also be able to see your international and domestic shares, unlisted fixed income and NAB products all in one place.

You'll be given access to a team of investment specialists who will provide you with market insights and execution support.

The range of products available with NAB Portfolio Access are outlined below. For more information on the NAB products, please visit 

nabtradeNAB Global Bond Service
NAB Equity Referenced Term Investment 

Who is eligible to apply?

NAB Portfolio Access is available to all investors. However, you must be a Wholesale client in order to use the NAB Global Bond Service and the NAB Equity Referenced Term Investment (NERTI).

Wholesale client eligibility criteria

Find out more

For more information please contact your NAB Investor Sales representative, call nabtrade on 13 13 80, or email the team at

Helping you achieve your investment objectives

When you compare a typical self-managed super fund with a professionally managed corporate or industry super fund, there are big differences in the way they invest.

This is because investors tend to build investment strategies based on the asset classes that are readily available to them, rather than constructing a diversified portfolio. As a result Australian investors are overweight in cash and domestic equities, but they’re rarely invested in fixed income and international shares. This has resulted historically in a higher level of volatility and in many cases lower portfolio returns.

NAB Portfolio Access has been designed to give self-directed investors easy access to a broad range of asset classes including fixed income and international equities, enabling them to construct a well balanced portfolio.

The asset gap between a professionally managed fund and a typical SMSF
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