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A way for investors to increase exposure to potential capital growth.

Reasons to invest in warrants with nabtrade

Access to one platform for all your investments.

Access all warrants on the ASX and Chi-X.

Stream live ASX data so you can make real time investment decisions.

About warrants

Most warrants offer a degree of gearing and give the warrant holder the right but not the obligation to buy, sell or participate in the performance of an underlying investment, before or on the expiry date.

Being a derivative security, warrants derive their price from an underlying asset such as shares and exchange-traded products, a share price index, debt, currencies, or commodities.

Broadly, there are two types of warrants: investment warrants and trading warrants.

Investment warrants

  • Why are they used?: Borrow to invest in shares and increase exposure to potential capital growth, dividends and franking credits.
  • Investment time-frame: Medium to long term.
  • Key benefits: Leverage and no margin calls. 
  • Used by: Self-managed super funds and investors.  

Trading warrants

  • Why are they used?: Trade the rise or fall of shares, indices, commodities and currencies.
  • Investment time-frame: Short to Medium term.
  • Key benefits: Leverage and no margin calls.
  • Used by: Experienced investors and traders.



Most warrants carry a degree of leverage, so they can give you the opportunity to magnify gains depending on the performance of the underlying asset/s.

Lower initial capital

You can gain exposure to the performance of the underlying investment(s) for less money than having to buy it outright.

Risk management

Some types of call and put warrants can expire worthless, however the loss is limited to the invested capital.



Market risk

The market price of warrants is affected by movements in the underlying share price, and broader economic and market conditions.

Issuer risk

Each warrant is a contract between the warrant issuer and the warrant holder. The warrant holder is therefore exposed to the risk that the issuer will not perform its obligations under the warrant.

Time decay

Warrants are decaying assets so it’s important to monitor expiry dates and know when to exercise a warrant.



  • Brokerage
  • Trade size
  • $5,000
  • $10,000
  • $20,000
  • $50,000

Funding options for warrants

There are two ways to fund your investment:

Add cash to your account

Every nabtrade account comes with a linked cash account.

Cash management

Borrow to invest

With a NAB Margin Loan you can borrow to invest.

Margin lending

Next steps Get started with nabtrade

Every new nabtrade customer receives:

  • A domestic trading account
  • An international trading account
  • An integrated cash account

Additional service options include:

  • nabtrade High Interest Account
  • nabtrade IRESS Trader/ViewPoint
  • NAB investment lending solutions
  • Self Managed Super Fund setup and management services

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