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How do I set up my account for trading in Exchange Traded Options (ETOs)?

There are three steps to activating ETO trading on Australian shares:

  1. Complete the Options Trading Questionnaire by going to Admin > Permissions and clicking on Apply next to Options Trading Questionnaire. You need to score 100% in this assessment to proceed with activating options permissions on your account.
  2. Apply for ETO permissions on your trading account by selecting Apply next to Exchange Traded Options.
  3. Once you have applied for ETO permissions you will be prompted to complete and post the Collateral Cover Authorisation form back to nabtrade. This form allows us to lodge your shares as collateral for your options positions with the ASX and it must be sent by post. Email and faxed copies are not accepted for this form.

IMPORTANT: All account holders must approve ETO trading on an account and sign the Collateral Cover Authorisation form. To approve ETO Trading simply go to Admin > Settings and click Complete next to the Outstanding Action.