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BondAdviser: Model Portfolios

Exclusive content for NAB Private Wealth clients.

Overview: The universe of financial hyrbids

BondAdviser runs a series of indices to calculate the performance and risk of specific classes of debt and hybrid securities.

The BA Financials All AT1 Index (BAAUAT1DFTR)measures the performance of all bank and financial institution issued, AUD, ASX listed and OTC Additional Tier 1 (AT1) instruments with terms to call/conversion greater than six months.

Index Definition Details

Rebalancing Frequency: Daily.

Weighting Type: Market Capitalisation.

Aggregate Index Value Type/s: Total Return / Accumulation.

Start Date: 16/05/2007.

Entity/Entities: Financial Institutions.

Structural Position/s: Tier 1 Regulated Capital or Equivalent.

Eligible Currencies: AUD.

Amount Outstanding: No minimum.

hybrid data
 3 months1 year 3 year 5 year Inception
Index Total Return1.9%12.3%22.4%42.6%147.1%
Ave Trading Margin2.64%5.00%3.43%4.28%0.50%

Source: BondAdviser

Model portfolio characteristics

  • Strategy: A conservative, concentrated, passive managed portfolio invested in ASX listed Additional Tier 1 Hybrid securities issued by financial institutions. The portfolio has a low turnover with a medium-long term investment horizon and aims to provide investors with regular income via investment in AT1 instruments issued by rated financial issuers.

  • Security Selection Criteria: The securities are selected on a quarterly basis from constituents of the BondAdviser Financials AT1 Index based on valuation utlilising the BondAdviser Relative Value Curve.

  • Number of securities: 8-10.

  • Security Weighting: Equal-weighted.

  • Portfolio Rebalancing: Quarterly (31 March, 30 June, 30 September, 31 December).

  • Reporting: Quarterly.

Portfolio Composition as at 28 April 2021

(ASX Code - Security Name)

  • ANZPE – ANZ Capital Notes 2
  • BENPG – Bendigo Converting Pref Shares 4
  • IAGPD – IAG Capital Notes
  • MQGPC – Macquarie Group Capital Notes 3
  • NABPD – NAB Capital Notes 2
  • SUNPG – Suncorp Capital Notes 2
  • WBCPE – Westpac Capital Notes 2

Source: BondAdviser

Portfolio commentary (example only)


  • Total Return for the 3 months to 31 March 2021: 1.09%.
  • The key drivers of the quarterly included major bank issued AT1 securities that were buoyed by improved economic conditions that have improved their earnings outlook. Issuances by insurers were impacted by concerns about insurance claims from storms and flooding that recently hit Northern NSW and South-East Queensland. More broadly hybrid performance has benefitted from tighter credit spreads as investors do further up the risk curve in the search for yield in an almost zero rate interest environment.
  • Average Yield to Reset: 2.52% as at 28 April 2021.

Portfolio Changes:

  • Removed: XYZPB –XYZ Bank Capital Notes 2 after this security was called by XYZ Bank on xx Xxx 2021.

  • Added: ABCPA –ABC Bank Capital Notes 1 as it was attractively priced trading above the BA Financials AT1 one curve.
hybrid data

Market Commentary

  • Volatility continued in March, but the S&P/ASX200 Accumulation Index finished the quarter 4.26% higher.
  • On the domestic front, generally solid economic data, the vaccine rollout along with all-time low interest rates helped drive the market higher. Offshore, the US$1.9 trillion US stimulus package was well received. However, lockdowns in Europe as the third wave of COVID-19 hits, the blow up of hedge fund Archegos Capital and blockage of the Suez Canal added volatility along with lingering concerns about inflation.
  • Central banks are not overly concerned about inflation and retain an accommodative monetary policy bias. Comments by US Fed Chair Powell suggest the Fed expects a temporary increase. Locally, RBA Governor Lowe indicated the RBA Board is looking at wage growth as the key indicator for a sustainable lift in inflation. Bond markets disagree and are pricing in higher inflation premised on expectations of stronger economic growth.
  • Investor demand for yield saw trading margins of AT1 and Tier 2 securities tighten further, though not as much as seen during the first two months of 2021.

Quarterly portfolio review (example only)


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