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Browser specifications for nabtrade

Our website works best if your computer or device meets these minimum requirements:

Internet (desktop) browser -


Google Chrome (the two latest versions)

Safari (latest version)

FirefoxTM (the two latest versions)


Microsoft Edge (latest version)

Mobile browser -

Safari (latest version)

Chrome mobile browser (latest version)

Samsung default browser 4.0

FirefoxTM (latest version)

Screen resolution

We support 320px and above

You might want to download the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla FirefoxTM .

For security reasons it’s a good idea to install updates on your phone when they’re available.

IRESS: System requirements

IRESS products work best if your computer or device meets the below minimum requirements.

* Note: IRESS system requirements current as at October 2020. For a full list, visit the IRESS Recommended Specifications page.


Internet browser

Latest version of Chrome - Chrome is the recommended browser for ViewPoint

Latest versions of:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

Note that your browser must have cookies and pop-ups enabled.


Operating System

Windows 10 or Mac 10.12

Internet browser

Internet explorer® V11

Latest version of Firefox (Mac/Windows)

Latest version of Chrome (Windows)

Trader and Java Versions

Trader — Version 17.1 V5 SP6

Java — Java 8

Microsoft Office for Excel Add-ins (based on what is compatible with Windows 7)

Trader — Microsoft Office 2016 32bit (Windows)

*Note: DDE/RTD plug-ins are not supported by Office for Mac, so the Excel Add-in is only compatible with Office in a Windows environment.