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Investment opportunity VGI Partners Global Investments
Applications close 24 August 2017

Investing in IPOs

Companies may choose to raise capital through the issue of new shares or debt.  To raise capital, companies can access a large pool of investors and obtain funding for activities including expansion of business operations, acquisitions or to improve balance sheet strength.

If a company is looking to raise equity capital they may consider an Initial Public Offering (IPO). An IPO is undertaken when a company raises capital prior to listing on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).


Three ways to invest in IPOs with nabtrade

Broker allocation

Through the broker allocation process clients express their interest for a particular offer. This is followed by a formal application when an offer is opened, however priority is given to clients who expressed interest. Clients who are successful are then given an allocation and can trade the new securities once they list on the ASX.

ASX BookBuild

ASX BookBuild is a tool that gives you access to capital raisings using the existing ASX systems and infrastructure to facilitate client bids. There is no expression of interest process - clients bid directly to the Lead Manager via nabtrade. All allocations are managed by the Lead Manager.

Reinvestment offers

Reinvestment offers, which form part of a Broker allocation, give eligible security holders the option to reinvest. This is a market first in online broking.

Current offers

VGI Partners Global Investments

Applications close 24 August 2017

Issue price: $2.00

Minimum investment: $5,000

Proposed ASX code: VG1

Apply now

Past offers

Details of previous offers available to nabtrade clients can be found below, including an investment snapshot and indication of price change since issue.

NAB Subordinated Notes 2

ASX BookBuild

NABPE:ASX Issue price: $100

Offer size: $943.2 million

IAG Capital Notes

IAGPD:ASX Issue price: $100

Offer size: $404.10 million

The Capital Notes are scheduled to pay quarterly, floating rate, discretionary distributions which are expected to be fully franked. The Capital Notes have an Optional Exchange Date on 15 June 2023 and, subject to certain conditions, will Mandatorily Convert into IAG ordinary shares on 16 June 2025.

Charter Hall Long WALE REIT

CLW:ASX Issue price: $4

Offer size: $826 million

Charter Hall Long WALE REIT is an Australian Real Estate Investment Trust listed on the ASX and invests in high quality Australasian real estate assets that are predominantly leased to corporate and government tenants on long term leases.

Qube Subordinated Notes

QUBHA:ASX Issue price: $100

Offer size: $300 million

Qube Subordinated Notes are subordinated notes with a Maturity Date seven years after the Issue Date (5 October 2023). Holders will be entitled to receive quarterly interest payments at a rate equal to the Bank Bill Rate plus the Margin.