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Boring is beautiful - a high conviction australian equity portfolio

Disruption has affected most industries and fortunes are made and lost where investors are most able to position themselves for trends and themes that shape our world. This year’s Kanga conference hosts a line-up of professionals who are thinking about investing in the future.

After years of adulation for high growth sectors such as technology, many investors holding old faithfuls such as Telstra often wonder whether the market will ever reward their patience. In a market where growth is good, how do we invest for the long term? 

This week, Kyle McIntyre of Firetrail Investments makes the case for building a core Australian equities portfolio around ‘boring’ principles, and discusses:

  • What falling interest rates mean for equity markets
  • Why Qantas, Telstra and other Australian icons still have much to offer investors
  • How to assess the quality of a company’s earnings in a tough environment, and
  • Why an earnings surprise is a better predictor of a valuation change than macro or other factors.