Important announcement:

The US markets shift to T+1 settlement and the FX PDS update both take effect on Tuesday 28th May 2024.

The budget in depth

We discuss key Budget proposals at length and what they could mean for you.

This year’s Budget is unique in its timing, and also in the fact that it has been released immediately before the announcement of the next Federal Election. Voters should be aware that all of the proposals in this Budget need to be passed into law before they become effective.

So, what to make of the proposals announced? nabtrade’s Gemma Dale wears her interviewee hat in this podcast and covers:

  • Tax measures targeting individuals and eligible small and medium sized businesses
  • Two significant proposals from this Budget that relate to the ability to contribute for those over age 65
  • The one off Energy Assistance Payment you will receive if you were eligible for certain social security payments on Budget night, and
  • Post-Budget considerations for investors.


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