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Margin lending
Take advantage of investment opportunities when they arise with
an integrated margin loan with nabtrade.

Reasons to choose a NAB Margin Loan

Competitive pricing

Enjoy competitive interest rates and no ongoing service fees.

Integration with nabtrade

Link your NAB Margin Loan directly with your nabtrade account.

International equities

Access to 700+ approved international equities.

About margin lending

Margin lending is a gearing solution where investors can borrow funds secured by a portfolio of listed securities and/or managed funds.

With a margin loan investors provide existing approved investments in shares, managed funds or cash as their deposit for the loan. They can then use the borrowed money to increase their exposure.

Borrowing to invest adds additional risk to owning a portfolio. It is important that you consider your individual financial circumstances and risk tolerance.


Approved Investment List

To see what managed investments NAB may lend against as part of a NAB Margin Loan facility, please refer to the Approved Investments list.


Find out more about NAB's investment lending products. Watch now.



Leverage may amplify gains in a rising market.


Having access to a flexible line of credit can improve your ability to take advantage of investment opportunities when they arise. 

Flexibility and choice

You can tailor the transaction size to meet your investment needs.

Tax effective

Potential to claim a tax deduction on your interest costs and pay interest in advance.




While leverage may amplify gains as the value of your investments increase, it also amplifies any losses in a falling market.

Margin calls

If your portfolio's value falls so that the amount of equity you hold also falls below our required levels, we may ask for extra security or funds to be deposited. If you fail to do this, we may sell your assets to correct the position.

Interest rate increases

If you have a variable interest rate loan, the rate may increase at any time.


Balance Variable rate p.a.

Fixed rate (1 yr p.a.) -

Interest yearly in advance

Fixed rate (1 yr p.a.) -

Interest monthly in arrears

Less than $250,000 6.00% 7.95% 8.02%
$250,000 - $500,000 5.75% 7.75% 7.82%
$500,000 - less than $1m 5.65% 7.45% 7.52%
$1m & above 5.50% 7.25% 7.32%

Download all interest rates (PDF, 95KB). Interest rates effective from 1 August 2022. Rates apply to new loans only.

Next steps Opening a margin loan linked with nabtrade

Step 1:

Open a new nabtrade account and select margin loan under 'How would you like to pay for your trades?' when completing the application form.

Step 2:

Once you’ve completed the nabtrade application form, you'll then need to complete the NAB Margin Loan application. Our Margin Lending team will contact you to finalise the setup of your loan.

Step 3:

When the information is received, we’ll set up your NAB Margin Loan Facility.

Important note: new loan applications
Due to increased trading activity, processing of new loan applications will take longer than normal. We apologise for any inconvenience but will endeavour to get to these as soon as possible.

Other NAB investment lending products

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An investment loan designed specifically for self-managed super funds (SMSF). Borrow using your SMSF to invest in shares or managed funds.

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For more information about NAB Super Lever or NAB Equity Builder visit or call 1300 135 145.