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Insights and strategies

Starting an SMSF is a big decision, we can help you understand the basics and help you manage your fund.


Getting started with your SMSF


Is an SMSF right for you?

Before you set up an SMSF, it's important to consider whether running a fund is right for you.


Individual vs Corporate trustees

It's important to understand the difference between Individual and Corporate trustees and what structure will work best for you.


10 steps to starting an SMSF

There are a number of important steps you need to complete when setting up an SMSF.

Running your fund


Putting together an investment stratey

Creating and implementing an investment strategy is an important part of your SMSF.


Contributions and Rollovers

Learn about how you can contribute to your SMSF and the types of contributions and the caps that apply.


Borrowing within your SMSF

A limited recourse borrowing arrangement can enable your SMSF to invest in assets.


10 steps to starting a pension

Paying a pension from your fund can enable your members to receive a regular and tax-effective income.

SMSF and your business


Need investing inspiration?