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There are no investment opportunities currently open.

Past Offers

Details of previous offers available to nabtrade clients can be found below, including an investment snapshot and indication of price change since issue.

Suncorp Group Capital Notes

SUNPF:ASX Issue price: $100

Offer size: $375 million

Morphic Ethical Equities Fund

MEC:ASX Issue price: $1.10

Offer size: $200 million

Challenger Capital Notes 2

CGFPB:ASX Issue price: $100

Offer size: $460 million

CommBank PERLS IX Capital Notes

CBAPF:ASX Issue price: $100

Offer size: $1.64 billion

NAB Subordinated Notes 2

NABPE:ASX Issue price: $100

Offer size: $943.2 million

IAG Capital Notes

IAGPD:ASX Issue price: $100

Offer size: $404.10 million

The Capital Notes are scheduled to pay quarterly, floating rate, discretionary distributions which are expected to be fully franked. The Capital Notes have an Optional Exchange Date on 15 June 2023 and, subject to certain conditions, will Mandatorily Convert into IAG ordinary shares on 16 June 2025.

Charter Hall Long WALE REIT

CLW:ASX Issue price: $4

Offer size: $826 million

Charter Hall Long WALE REIT is an Australian Real Estate Investment Trust listed on the ASX and invests in high quality Australasian real estate assets that are predominantly leased to corporate and government tenants on long term leases.

Qube Subordinated Notes

QUBHA:ASX Issue price: $100

Offer size: $300 million

Qube Subordinated Notes are subordinated notes with a Maturity Date seven years after the Issue Date (5 October 2023). Holders will be entitled to receive quarterly interest payments at a rate equal to the Bank Bill Rate plus the Margin.


BEE:ASX Issue price: $0.20

Offer size: $10.5 million

Broo is currently focused on the production, marketing and sale of two beer products. The Company’s Broo Premium Lager brand was launched in September 2009, while the Company’s subsidiary, Australia Draught Pty Ltd (Australia Draught) launched the Australia Draught Beer brand in 2014 as a pilot product under a limited retail release.

Powerhouse Ventures

PVL:ASX Issue price: $1.07

Offer size: $10 million

Powerhouse works with research-intensive organisations (such as universities and Crown Research Institutes to identify valuable intellectual property, then commercialise this through start-up companies in which Powerhouse invests.

Antipodes Global Investment Company

APL:ASX Issue price: $1.10

Offer size: $313 million

Antipodes Global Investment Company Limited offers investors access to a long-short global securities investment portfolio with a currency overlay.

Viva Energy REIT

VVR:ASX Issue price: $2.20

Offer size: $911 million

Viva Energy REIT’s investment objective is to own a portfolio of high quality and strategically located service station sites throughout Australia, subject to long-term leases to tenants with strong financial credit profiles.

NAB Capital Notes 2

NABPD:ASX Issue price: $100

Distribution rate: BBSW + 4.95%

Offer size: $1.35 billion

NAB Capital Notes 2 are expected to pay a discretionary, quarterly, floating rate, non-cumulative Distribution. The Distribution Rate is equal to the sum of the Bank Bill Rate and a Margin of 4.95%, a sum adjusted for NAB’s Tax Rate to reflect franking credits attached to each Distribution (subject to availability). Distributions are expected to be fully franked.

Westpac Capital Notes 4

WBCPG:ASX Issue price: $100

Distribution: BBSW + 4.90%

Offer size: $1.45 billion

Westpac Capital Notes 4 are fully paid, non-cumulative, convertible, transferrable, redeemable, subordinated, perpetual, unsecured notes issued by Westpac Banking Corporation at an Issue Price of $100 per Note.

Peet Bonds

PPCHA:ASX Issue price: $100

Coupon: 7.50%

Minimum application: $5,000

Offer size: $75 million (with the ability to raise more or less)

Peet Limited acquires, develops and markets quality residential land estates and has been part of the community for 120 years.

China Dairy Corporation Limited

ASX BookBuild

CDC:ASX Issue price: $0.20

Offer size: Up to $20m

Minimum application: $2,500

CDC is primarily engaged in the production and wholesale of raw milk and the rearing, breeding and sale of dairy cows in Heilongjiang province, China.

Macquarie Group Capital Notes 2

Broker Allocation

MQGPB:ASX Issue price: $100

Offer Size: $500m

Margin: 5.15%

Macquarie Capital Notes 2 are fully paid, subordinated, non-cumulative, unsecured and not guaranteed. MCN2 are mandatorily convertible, perpetual and automatically convertible. The notes are scheduled to pay non-cumulative, floating rate cash distributions commencing on 17 March 2016, thereafter semi-annually, in arrears until all MCN2 are Exchanged, Redeemed or Written-Off.

Series B Australian Unity Bonds - Tranche 1

Broker Allocation

AYUHB:ASX Issue price: $100

Offer Size: $230m

Margin: 2.80%

Series B Australian Unity Bonds - Tranche 1 Bonds are interest paying, unsubordinated and unsecured debt obligations due to be redeemed on 15 December 2020 (unless redeemed early). The Interest Rate a floating rate is the sum of the 90 day Bank Bill Swap Rate plus the Margin of 2.80%p.a. that was determined under the Bookbuild. Each Bond is issued on and subject to the provisions of the Trust Deed and the Terms. Bonds are being offered under the simple corporate bond regime.

AMP Capital Notes

Broker Allocation

AMPPA:ASX Issue price: $100

Offer Size: $230m

Margin: 5.10%

AMP capital notes are are perpetual, convertible, subordinated and unsecured notes to be issued by AMP. The Margin is 5.10% per annum and was determined through the Bookbuild. Distributions are discretionary, non-cumulative, floating rate payments and are scheduled to be paid quarterly in arrears on each distribution date.

MainstreamBPO Ltd

ASX BookBuild

MAI:ASX Issue price: $0.40

Offer size: Up to $10m

Minimum Application: $2,500

MainstreamBPO Ltd is one of the largest independent fund administrators in Australia, providing administrative services to the wealth management sector of the financial services industry.

Westpac Capital Notes 3

Broker allocation

WBCPF:ASX Issue price: $100

Offer size: Up to $1.25b

Margin: 4.00%

Minimum Application: $5,000

Westpac Capital Notes 3 are fully paid, non-cumulative, convertible, transferable, redeemable, subordinated, perpetual, unsecured notes issued by Westpac. The Margin determined under the Bookbuild was 4% per annum. Westpac Capital Notes 3 are not bank deposits.

Traditional Therapy Clinics Ltd

ASX BookBuild

TTC:ASX Issue price: $0.50

Offer size: $15m

Minimum Application: $2,000

Traditional Therapy Clinics Limited is a franchisor and the owner of one of the largest chains (largest by number of clinics) of traditional therapeutic health and wellness clinics in China (299 franchise licences granted and 11 owned clinics in operation as at 30 April 2015

Dongfang Modern Agriculture

ASX BookBuild

DFM:ASX Issue price: $1.00

Offer size: Up to $50m

Dongfang Modern Agriculture cultivates and sells tangerines, navel oranges, pomelos and camellia fruits located in the Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province in PRC.

Pureprofile Ltd

ASX BookBuild

PPL:ASX Issue price: $0.50

Offer size: $12.1m

Pureprofile is a profile marketing and insights technology company.

Pureprofile provides a platform, which enables consumers to create and manage their online Profiles – and rewards them for doing so.

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Convertible Preference Shares 3

Broker allocation

BENPF:ASX Issue price: $100

Issue Size: $225m

Margin: 180 Day BBSW +4.00%

Mandatory conversion: June 2023

CPS3 are fully paid convertible preference shares to be issued by Bendigo and Adelaide Bank.  CPS3 will be eligible Additional Tier 1 Capital for Bendigo and Adelaide Bank. CPS3 are scheduled to pay semi-annual Dividends in arrears in cash on 15 December and 15 June each year, until Converted or Redeemed. The Margin is 4% over 180 day BBSW as determined by the Bookbuild.

NAB Capital Notes

Broker allocation

NABPC:ASX Issue price: $100

Issue Size: $1.25b

Margin: 90 Day BBSW + 3.50%

Mandatory conversion: March 2022

NAB Capital Notes are subordinated, convertible notes directly issued by NAB which are not guaranteed or secured. NAB Capital Notes offer Holders quarterly, floating rate Distributions in arrears in cash until all NAB Capital Notes are Converted, Redeemed or Written Off. The Margin determined under the Bookbuild was 3.50% per annum. NAB Capital Notes are not bank deposits.

Medibank Private

Broker allocation

MPL:ASX Issue price: $2.00

Issue Size: $5.5b

Medibank Private is Australia's largest private Health Insurer, offering Private Health Insurance, Overseas Visitor Health Cover and Overseas Student Health Cover through its two main brands Medibank Private and ahm.

GPT Metro Office Fund

Broker allocation

GMF:ASX Issue price: $2.00

Issue Size: $255.2m

Forecast Distribution Yield at Offer: 7.40%

The Fund is a newly-established Australian real estate investment trust which offers investors an exposure to a quality portfolio of six A-grade metropolitan and business park office properties located across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The Fund is forecast to have a Distribution Yield (based on the Offer Price) of 7.40% per annum for the period ending 30 June 2015 and 7.65% per annum for the six months ending 31 December 2015.

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