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Platform stability enhancements

In March we saw some of the highest volatility ever recorded in ASX history. As a result, the volume of traffic on the nabtrade website spiked by over 300%. This caused some technology failures and interruptions to availability. For this we sincerely apologise. We want to reassure you that we are actively addressing this issue through upgrades to our technology and that of our service providers.


Over the past 6 weeks we have released many fixes to address these issues. We have focused on three key components of our service to improve performance and capacity: 


  • Order management: We have applied database and application changes to our order management service in direct response to issues which have arisen from the spike in volumes. Further work is still underway, and in the interim we have implemented regular service restarts to improve performance.


  • Messaging service: The spike in volumes also exposed a capacity risk in our messaging service. As a result we have increased our database capacity and implemented a data archiving policy. 


  • Settlement service: We have also increased the database capacity of our settlement service. This combined with further enhancements will aim to improve the speed of trade confirmation delivery.


These enhancements have improved our platform availability during domestic market hours from 97.51% in March to 99.07% in April. 


However, our aim is to provide 100% platform availability during market hours, and achieving this will continue to be our number one priority.